PTBN’s NBA-Team Podcast: 2015 Draft Preview Part I

Bust out those awkward suits and load up on your prospect cliches, because Andrew Riche and Adam Murray of Place To Be Nation’s NBA-Team are ready to dive into the 2015 NBA Draft with a two-part preview! In part one, Riche and Adam take on the 14 lottery teams, including all of their picks outside of the top 14. In the battle of the bigs, who will go #1 to Minnesota between Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor? What will the Philadelphia 76ers to with their five second-round picks and will they take D’Angelo Russell or Emmanuel Mudiay at number three? Will teams be taking a chance on Kristaps Porzingis? How many Kentucky and Duke players will we being seeing in the top half of the first round? And what do the New York Knicks need to do with their only pick at #4 overall? All these questions answered and much more in part one of this NBA Draft preview!