PTBN’s NBA-Team: I Want Some of That Lu Dort Money

Free agency frenzy is off and running, and the chaos has spilled onto the podcast floor for Adam Murray and Andrew Riche, Place To Be Nation’s NBA-Team, but they do their best to keep it all on the court. We answer the question Brian Windhorst and the world wants to know: What are the Jazz up to? Did the Minnesota Timberwolves just make the riskiest trade in NBA history, and will it still pay off? Why is Riche so obsessed with the luxury tax? Are the Knicks delusional or is Jalen Brunson truly the missing piece? Why in name of everything holy did the Thunder give Lu Dort $87 million?! Riche and Adam also discuss the super max extensions, the Kevin Durant trade talk, the Blazers rebooting or not, draft picks, and more! So suit up and take it out in an hour-long episode 243 with the NBA-Team!