PTBN’s NBA Team: A Seal Here And A Seal Here

No, Vince Lombardi is not back from the dead, but it looks like we have the dreaded glass ceiling in the NBA playoff standing. So Adam Murray and Andrew Riche, Place To Be Nation’s NBA-Team, are going to dive into the playoff/play-in scenarios. Why is Riche so excited about the new-look Pelicans… and Adam is suspicious about the sudden return of Zion Williamson? Is the Harden Honeymoon in Philly going to swoon all the way into June? They also discuss the Lakers, Kevin Durant’s return not being on national TV, and the Wizards trying to get back in the play-IN, and the  future NBA Champion Detroit Pistons?! Finally, Adam and Riche have another fiery debate about the most important team of our generation: Sam Hinkie’s 76ers. So suit up and take it out in episode 228 with the NBA-Team!