PTBN’s Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever Project – Introduction

Hello! And welcome to PTBN’s Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever project! We are going to determine which wrestler to ever grace a WWE ring was the greatest by creating lists, assigning points and generating a countdown of the the top 100 WWE competitors.

Here are the details:


  • You may ONLY consider their WWF/WWE career; Do NOT factor in their work or resume in any other promotion
  • Criteria: The wrestler must have competed in WWF/E between 1963 and 2017 and their entire body of WWF/E work counts, including time spent in a tag team or other roles
  • You may submit your Top 100 list using selections from the list of nominees only
  • For someone to be eligible for the list, they must have been nominated and have at least TWO people supporting the nomination
  • When you nominate or feel strongly about a wrestler, head to the discussion threads to make your case for his or her inclusion and provide match suggestions to ensure a proper ranking
  • You must use the NJPW system as a guide to help organize your list, the system is outlined below
  • Do some research and put thought into your list
  • Start now, lists are tentatively due toward the end of the year

NJPW System

  • N: Nuance (Longevity, Variance, Intangibles)
  • J: Jump Up Factor (Memorable Peak Moments and Storylines)
  • P: Promo Skills
  • W: Workrate

Nominations and discussion are taking place in a dedicated Facebook group but you can submit a list even without participating in the conversation. The rules and nominee list will reside here.

Want in? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or via email (!