PTBN’s Greatest Wrestling Theme Song Tournament – Finals


The wrestling business has been cyclical for the past 100 years. There has been key indicators from a United States perspective as to why the wrestling business has boomed. The 1950s saw television become a household item for much of America. The last half of the 1990s provided the same sensation with the World Wide Web. The 1980s Rock N Wrestling boom period is a little more ambiguous without one key indicator overriding all others. The WWE narrative would say that this is the time that Vince brought wrestling out of smoky arenas and into the mainstream. This an obtuse, extreme description of the events but there is no doubt that the overall presentation of professional wrestling combined with the national expansion of Titan Sports was a huge catalyst for the notoriety of the promotion as a whole. One of the biggest forefront changes was the addition of theme music for every wrestler entrance. Entrance themes had been used effectively in the peak of World Class Championship Wrestling in the early 1980s as well as the music videos used to present young talent in Memphis. It became the norm with WWF for every wrestler to have a distinguishable theme song. This change in culture can’t be understated where by 1990, it seemed odd that Andre the Giant didn’t have any theme music. Theme music to this day remains one of the thriving identifiers of any professional wrestling event from WrestleMania to the smallest local indy. Other presentation aspects have come and gone and theme music has been updated with the ever-changing genres of mainstream music, but the lifeblood and purpose of the theme song remain the same. A great theme song acts as a sense of comfort that we know who this person about to come out is about and what is coming next inside the squared circle. – Chad Campbell

The Place to Be Nation staff has come together to choose and rank 292 of the greatest pro wrestling theme songs of all time. The bottom 48 songs were entered into groups of four for the play-in round, and twelve of them advanced to round one. Now, 256 songs go into battle — now down to the finals as we determine the very best wrestling theme song ever!

Greatest Wrestling Theme Song Tournament: #1 vs. #2

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