PTBN’s Clotheslines & Headlines #15: 2016 in Review, Wrestle Kingdom, Dixie Down, Jarrett Returns, Lucha Underground & More!

On this ******** rated episode of PTBN Clotheslines & Headlines, Steve Wille, Nate Milton, Glenn Butler and a series of special guests run through the latest in the world of wrestling! The following topics were discussed in this episode:

  • Headlines
    • TNA! Dixie Carter! Anthem Sports! Jeff Jarrett!
  • New Japan: Chad Campbell
    • Wrestle Kingdom 11 Recap
    • The Art of Rating Matches
  • Lucha Underground: Jordan Duncan
    • Views on Intergender Wrestling
    • New Arrivals & Characters
    • Thoughts on Sexy Star’s Title Reign
    • Psychogeography & Space Monkey
  • 2016 Year End Awards

So, join the conversation but be sure to avoid the lariat on this edition of PTBN Clotheslines & Headlines!