PTBN Weekend Playlist 7/17/20: Double Album

Each week, a small group of PTBN staff members huddle in a small corner of the PTBN headquarters to debate, argue, and finally compromise on 15 (ish) songs to entertain you with. We pride ourselves on picking only the best music designed to entertain you and to enhance your weekend. As the calendar switches from June to July, we have decided to break up the monotony of 2020 with four very special lists. A committee of a few staffers met for weeks to narrow thousands of fan submitted theme ideas down to four. Last week, we followed up the success of our greatest hits with a dynamic live album. Concerts my be cancelled for the summer but live music is alive and well at the PTBN headquarters. This week, we present to you a staple of classic rock radio, two for Tuesday. Despite the fact that it is indeed Friday, we have decided to delight you with not one but two of the best tracks from your favorite artists. We will return next week with the sad but triumphant conclusion to our themes with a list full of songs from debut albums. In the words of the great Eddie Vedder, PLEASE PLAY THIS PLAYLIST LOUD