PTBN Weekend Playlist 7/10/20: LIVE

Each week, a small group of PTBN staff members huddle in a small corner of the PTBN headquarters to debate, argue, and finally compromise on 15 (ish) songs to entertain you with. We pride ourselves on picking only the best music designed to entertain you and to enhance your weekend. As the calendar switches from June to July, we have decided to break up the monotony of 2020 with four very special lists. A committee of a few staffers met for weeks to narrow thousands of fan submitted theme ideas down to four. Last week, we kicked things off with our greatest hits. It was glorious. 16 of the best songs to ever appear on our playlists were back to entertain you at your 4th of July cookout. This week, we present to you a live concert. Covid has cancelled the summer concert season and created a hole in our summer experience. We can’t let that stand. So we met in our bunker and searched the internet for several of the greatest live performances in the history of music to include in this week’s playlist. We also included the songs that Jennifer Smith picked. The results are glorious. This list won’t replace your need to feel the sweat of a peer in a mosh pit, drink a beer in the parking lot of an amphitheater, or get a contact high inside of an arena. However, it will entertain, amuse, and rock your weekend harder than you’ve been rocked during the current pandemic. We will return next week with a double playlist that tackles the Classic Rock Radio trope, “Two for Tuesday.” In two weeks, theme month ends with songs entirely from debut albums. In the words of the great Eddie Vedder, PLEASE PLAY THIS PLAYLIST LOUD