PTBN Question Of The Day Recap (April 25-30)

Tuesday, April 25

Who would you like to see inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year?

Steven Joseph Ferrari: The Midnight Express and Regis Philbin.

Andy Halleen: Sid.

Colin Middleton: Cyndi Lauper, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog, Vader, Psycho Sid, Undertaker.

Paul Kilburn: Bull Nakano would be a good one and my first choice. The Midnight Express too, have the Ricky and Robert return the favour and induct them.

Jamaal Artis: Rick Martel, the Midnight Express.

Kevin E. Pittack: For the way they do things these days: Headliner Undertaker, tag team Steiner Brothers, woman Ivory, mid carder Ken Shamrock, and celeb Cindy Lauper.

Steve McCullagh: The Midnight Express (Dennis, Bobby & Stan) & Jim Cornette, Lex Luger, Celebrity: Cyndi Lauper (long overdue), Headliner: The Undertaker.

Jason Greenhouse: Hart Foundation – Bret, Anvil, Davey, Owen and Pillman.

Greg Phillips: The Rock.

David Schletty: Vader, Midnight Express and Jim Cornette, British Bulldogs.

Brandon Hunter: Bulldogs, Rick Martel, King Kong Bundy, Pillman.

Jeff Sparks: British Bulldogs.

Justin Musgrove: Sid.

Robert Worrell: Owen Hart.

Morgan Williams: The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette.

Niko Pritsoulis: Demolition, Owen Hart and Davey Boy.

Logan Crosland: Owen Hart is the most deserving, though I know it probably won’t happen. I’d say British Bulldog is another one that deserves to be in there.

Jay Hinchey: Would like to see Owen Hart and British Bulldog go in.

Todd Weber: Bulldogs as a team, Rick Martel, Jumping Bomb Angels, Owen, Lance Russell and Luger.

Brian Meyer: I would like to see lex Luger

@German_Gaijin: Bull Nakano, Lex Luger, Bruiser Brody.

@milkywaychamp: Midnights and Lance Russell

@wilkysox: Undertaker to be inducted by Vince McMahon

@nickduke87: the nWo

@APWrestlingBlog: The Undertaker, British Bulldog, Dudley Boyz, Honkey Tonk Man, Victoria, Magnum TA, Rick Martel

@outlawjamboree: Rick Martel

‏@timtetreault: Cyndi Lauper. She was a huge part of the WWF expansion period as the celebrity catalyst. I remember those days she was over huge!

Wednesday, April 26

Which wrestler came too early or late and missed out on the perfect era for his or her style?

Jamaal Artis: Owen Hart, he would have been the face of the company if he had come around during the 2000’s instead on 90’s…Also I think Ted DiBiase gets a run at NWA title if he was just a few years older.

Scott Shifflett: Dynamite Kid in the mid 90s.

Andy Halleen: Bad News Brown in late 90’s- ECW/WWF Hardcore division. From the moment I saw him bring a shovel to the ring back in my tape trading days, I knew he was way ahead of his time by about 10 years. Give me Bad News Brown vs Cactus Jack!

Scott Criscuolo: Hakushi in the 2000’s.

Kevin E. Pittack: If Scott Steiner was Big Poppa Pump 5 years earlier he is a GOAT contender.

Michael Schoen: I think Pillman would have reached superstar status during the attitude era if he didn’t pass.

Lewis Dacombe: Cesaro should of been in the Sammartino era.

Darren Smith: Rollerball Rocco, Dynamite Kid, Fit Finlay and Marty Jones. All great British wrestlers who, in their prime, would have been a fantastic fit in this current era.

Cody Schields: Brian Pillman only got to see a smidge of the Attitude Era. Had he been around during the thick of it, he may have been just as big as Stone Cold with the loose cannon gimmick.

Bobby Salvato: Imagine Brody in ECW? That would’ve been incredible.

Jeaux Hines: Superstar Billy Graham was too early. As far as someone too late, maybe Backlund. I also think someone like Rick Steiner would of been a bigger star in the 60’s-70’s.

James Morgan: I think Taz could of been a mega star if he arrived in ROH in 2002 and he was ten years younger. Which would mean ECW or Japan wouldn’t have broken down his body because it never happened. WWE would’ve snatched him up quick.

Matthew Drysdale: Mr. Perfect. Didn’t reach the heights he could have in the Hogan era. And had too many injury problems later when workrate became more important.

Jason Sherman: I really would’ve liked to see Daniel Bryan in the early-mid 2000’s. Imagine the matches he could’ve had with Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko, Edge, The Hardys and Angle.

Glenn Butler: Big Show in the 80s, like King Kong Bundy but a better wrestler.

Thursday, April 27

What is your favorite wrestling tournament of all time?

Kevin E. Pittack: Survivor Series 1998. A night of absolutely perfect storytelling, a major point in the Austin/McMahon saga, and Rocky’s first title win. Just awesome.

Quin Voet: 1992 NWA Tag Team Title Tourney.

Greg Phillips: J-Cup 94. It’s almost perfect. Close second would be KOTR 93 for the Bret matches, which are a testament to his greatness.

Taylor Keahey: The Iron Man tourney at Starrcade ’89! Terry Funk’s wacky commentary, the goofy stage pedestals, motherfuckin’ Future Shock…who will become the wrestler of the 90’s?!?!

Scott Shifflett: Survivor Series 1998 Deadly Games.

Steven Joseph Ferrari: WCW’s King of Cable tournament! Sting vs. Vader, with the finals NOT on cable, because WCW.

Mark Boomer: I know most people find it boring, but I still like the WM IV championship tournament.

Steve Williams: I’m not well versed in puro, so for me it’s easily KOTR 93. I’ve always preferred the single night, 8 man format. Bret put in three good-to-great matches that were completely different.

Michael Schoen: I‘m going to be more modern and say the WWE UK Tournament. Fresh talent, Great venue, solid matches and logical booking.

Andy Halleen: Maybe KOTR 2001 cause I was a mark for Team RECK, and then Tajiri impressing Regal was cool too.

Jordan MacKinnon: Just looking at names on paper, it should be The Wrestling Classic. But they had other ideas with sub-five minutes matches and god-awful George Scott finishes.

Logan Crosland: 1993 King of the Ring! No questions asked.

Todd Weber: Survivor Series ’98. Sure, most of the matches were so-so, but the story was told so well and the swerves were perfectly executed that the show resonates with me to this day. Why? Cause it’s a deadly game!

Jay Hinchey: King Of The Ring 1993. Hands down.

Jordan Duncan: 94 J-Cup.

Brian Meyer: WrestleMania IV.

Marc Clair: King of Cable, bay-bay!

Brian Nichols: WrestleMania IV.

David Schletty: The Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament 1986-1988, also the Real World Tag League Tournaments in AJPW from the late 80s-late 90s (the best years of that tournament).

Troy Higginbotham: 1985 Wrestling Classic!

Scott Bartz: King of the Ring 93 because it showcased how great Bret Hart was.

Robby Posey: 1993 KOTR, also the CWC.

Jay Fazekas: I would have to say the tournament at WrestleMania IV.

Neil Mulvaney: Survivor Series Deadly Game tournament.

James Morgan: Cruiserweight Classic.

Andy Placko: I loved King of the Ring and think it should be brought back. I also love the G1 in NJPW but King of the Ring is definitely my favorite.

Matt Coyle: WrestleMania IV WWF World Championship Tournament.

@outlawjamboree: KOTR 93

@wilkysox: Starrcade 1989 Future Shock

@Crapgame13: 1986 Crockett Cup.

@luchaundead: Going against what most might expect from me I’ve always loved Survivor Series ’98 Deadly Games tourney

@tholzerman: King of Trios ’11

@OkoriWadsworth: King of Trios ’11. Although Weaver Cup 2016 is coming up fast behind it.