PTBN NFL Power Rankings – Week Twelve

Each week, we will bring you staff NFL Power Rankings. The overall rankings are a combination of polls submitted by Justin RozzeroMarc ClairChad CampbellGreg Phillips, Andrew Flanagan & Maurice Pogue. Each team is assigned points based on rank and then compiled and ranked overall based on total points. Managing Editor Brad Woodling has the power to break ties.


      1. Denver Broncos (190 pts):  The Broncos held serve in the biggest game so far of 2013 against the Kansas City Chiefs.  They can now regain their throne atop these power rankings and the AFC West.  They face another huge test Sunday night when they go to Foxboro to battle the Patriots.  Peyton Manning is only 4-9 against Tom  Brady and has thrown 19 interceptions throughout those games.
      2. Seattle Seahawks (187 pts):  After a couple of oddly close games, Seattle has been whipping up on the doldrums of the NFL the past two weeks and come out of the weakest part of their schedule unscathed.  They are able to rest and rehab before the big Monday night game vs. the Saints on December 2nd.  Percy Harvin in his first game as a Seahawk only caught 1 pass for 17 yards.
      3. New Orleans Saints (178 pts):  The Saints edged out a competitive match vs. the 49ers in thee week following their blowout vs. Dallas.  They now turn around on a short week and travel to Atlanta to face the lowly Falcons on Thursday night.  Those two teams met in week 1 and Drew Brees threw for over 350 yards against a healthy Falcons defense.
      4. Kansas City Chiefs (177 pts): The Chiefs didn’t get blown out at Mile High but a lot of their “luck” this season seemed to catch up with them in that game.  The defense wasn’t incredible in the Denver game but now the Chiefs rank in the double digits for all major offensive categories in the NFL.
      5. New England Patriots (165 pts):  The Patriots fans are up in arms with the way Monday’s game ended in Charlotte.  Now, the Patriots are headed into the big showdown vs. the Broncos and their old nemesis, Peyton Manning.  Shane Vereen returned for the Pats and provided 8 receptions for 65 yards giving Tom Brady another target to use.
      6. Carolina Panthers (163 pts): The Panthers bandwagon keeps growing with another big win over a contender on Monday night.  The Panthers now look poised to possibly challenge New Orleans for the NFC South division title.  Using the Chiefs template of defense first and adequate offense second, the Panthers defense will be put to the test multiple times over the remaining portion of their season to see if they can hold up under pressure.
      7. San Francisco 49ers (152 pts): Tough loss for the Niners but they are getting back Mario Manningham to maybe help out the passing game somewhat.  Boldin also caught a touchdown vs. the Saints, showing signs of life.
      8. Indianapolis Colts (150 pts): The Colts have went from NFL darling to edging out two wins vs. inferior opponents and getting humiliated by St. Louis. Donald Brown emerged as the running back for The Colts with two TDs and a 5.7 rushing average.
      9. Detroit Lions (145 pts): Matt Stafford almost threw for 300 yards in a single quarter on Sunday but the offense in the second half came out fairly cold and the defense buckled allowing Pittsburgh to steal the game.  Even worse was the apparent benching of Reggie Bush after a fumble.  The Lions have talent but are still trying to put all the pieces together.
      10. Cincinnati Bengals (138 pts): The Bengals pasted The Browns in a good statement game coming off of two straight loses.  They now go into their bye week looking as the top dog in the AFC North division going forward.
      11. Chicago Bears (130 pts): The Bears rallied back in the marathon game played at Soldier Field on Sunday.  It was a serviceable effort all around with Josh McCown being efficient on 19 of 31 passes and Matt Forte continuing his great year.
      12. Dallas Cowboys (121 pts): The Cowboys come off their bye week still very much in the NFC East mix.  Now they face a big showdown vs. the G men where they can really put a damper on any playoff aspirations The Giants are conjuring up.
      13. Philadelphia Eagles (120 pts): Philly dominated the game vs. Washington and then almost gave it up in a horrible 4th quarter for the defense.  Riley Cooper cooled off in this game with only 4 receptions but the outlook is still looking good for the Eagles with Nick Foles at the helm.
      14. Green Bay Packers (113 pts): The Packers are in dire straights with the loss of Aaron Rodgers.  After three straight loses, they find themselves sitting at 5-5 and having to battle for their playoff hopes.  They also have only scored 13 points in two straight games.  Taking care of business vs. a weak Vikings team will help the Pack gain some momentum towards the latter end of the season.
      15. Arizona Cardinals (101 pts): By far the quietest 6-4 team in the NFL.  Carson Palmer also threw for over 400 yards in the win vs. The Jaguars.  The schedule for their last six games gets considerably tighter but if they can go 3-3, they could just sneak into the #6 seed.
      16. New York Jets (99 pts): The Jets looked awful getting plastered by The Bills.  This team has remained inconsistent looking like a world beater at home and suffering crushing loses on the road.  They face a big test at Baltimore Sunday in a big game with playoff aspirations for both teams.
      17. Baltimore Ravens (93 pts): The Ravens are also one of numerous teams in the hunt for the AFC #6 seed, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for the defending champions.  Even though the conditions were horrible, 161 passing yards from Joe Flacco is dismal and eclipsed by McCown on the opposite team.
      18. San Diego Chargers (92 pts): Three straight loses for The Chargers have them desperately needing a big win vs. the Chiefs.  Also more alarming has been the dwindling production of both Danny Woodhead and Philip Rivers. 
      19. Miami Dolphins (89 pts): The roller coaster ride that is the Miami Dolphins in 2013 season has them at 5-5.  Ryan Tannehill had one of his better games of the year vs. The Chargers with over 260 passing yards.
      20. Cleveland Browns (76 pts): The Browns are in the mix of things but really need a win vs. The Steelers on Sunday.  Chris Ogbonnya emerged as the starting RB for the team.  In contrast, the lack of deep passes from Jason Campbell is alarming. 
      21. New York Giants (72 pts): The Giants have been surging with four wins in a row.  They have a huge test vs. Dallas Sunday afternoon.  One point of concern is the lack of TD’s for both Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.
      22. Buffalo Bills (68 pts): The Bills blasted The Jets but sitting at 4-7, they need a lot of help to make the playoffs heading into their bye week. 
      23. Pittsburgh Steelers (63 pts): Pittsburgh keeps grinding out some wins and at 4-6 is not eliminated yet.  The resurrection of Big Ben and Antonio Brown has been a big reason for the resurgence.
      24. Tennessee Titans (58 pts): Ryan Fitzpatrick has been serviceable since taking over for Jake Locker and he will lead the team for the remainder of the season.  The Titans are one of few teams on the cusp of the playoff race but have to pick up quality wins.
      25. Washington Redskins (49 pts): Washington has been struggling to pick up any wins even with the defense giving up fewer points. RG III has returned to a production level he had last year (minus the total rushing yards) but the season looks lost in DC.
      26. St. Louis Rams (48 pts):  St. Louis is coming back from their bye with uncertainty after the alarming defeat of The Colts.  Will Tavon Austin remain a weapon for the team?
      27. Oakland Raiders (36 pts): Oakland won Sunday and still has slight playoff hopes but is in a brutal division and hasn’t shown a consistent performance from week to week. Rashard Jennings has looked impressive stepping into the running back role.
      28. Houston Texans (30 pts): Case Keenum getting pulled in the third quarter of the game Sunday was inexplicable and showed that this team is in disarray.  Their remaining goal for the 2013 season is examining who should be on the team going forward and trying to maximize their strengths for next season.
      29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22 pts): The run game for the Bucs that everyone pegged as a strong-suit for the team has finally emerged in the last three weeks with over 100 yards on the ground in each.  The defense has also been much improved since getting away from the zone defense scheme. 
      30. Minnesota Vikings (21 pts): The Vikings were handled mightily vs. Seattle and go week to week wondering who will be the starting QB.  A lost season for a team that found success a year ago.
      31. Atlanta Falcons (16 pts): The Clowney bowl was played with the Falcons emerging as the losers and letting Bobby Rainey run all over the field against them.  Depressing time for a team that was in the NFC Championship last year.
      32. Jacksonville Jaguars (6 pts): The Jaguars faded in the second half vs. the Cardinals and MJD had less than a two yard average.  There is little hope for this team in 2013.

Biggest Rise: The Eagles (+4)

Biggest Fall: Detroit Lions (-3)

PTB Game to Watch: Denver @ New England, Sunday Night, 8:30PM, NBC

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