PTBN Holiday Extravaganza 2019

On this Place To Be Nation Special, Andy Atherton gets together with the show hosts from PTBN’s podcasts from both the wrestling and pop feeds. They talk about their favorite holiday movies, what they look forward to the most about this time of year and what is the one tradition they do every holiday season including: JT Rozzero, Roger Morrissette, Chad Campbell, Nick Duke, Mirandia Berthold, Kevin Pittack, Peter Winson, David Sunday, Jordan Duncan, J Arsenio D’Amato, Steve Wille, Todd Weber, Jennifer Smith, Glenn & Scott Butler, Russell Sellers, Nate Milton, Jason Sherman, Tim Capel, Greg Phillips, Ben Zani, Steve Willie & Scott Criscuolo. We hope you enjoy this audio “Christmas card” and from everyone here at Place To Be Nation: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus & Happy New Year!

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