PTBN Group Watch Champions Series – Road Wild 1998

Each week, members of the Place to Be Nation staff come together to watch a professional wrestling show from the past as a group. As they watch and interact, they also track their grades and overall thoughts in various categories along the way. We will regularly be bringing you their output here in a variety of projects and entries.

Road Wild 1998 (Viewed August 21, 2018)

Meng vs. Barbarian
Dancing Fools vs. Public Enemy
Raven vs. Saturn vs. Kanyon
Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Psichosis
Stevie Ray vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. – WCW Television Title
Steve McMichael vs. Brian Adams
Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho – WCW Cruiserweight Title
NWO Invitational Battle Royal
Diamond Dallas Page & Jay Leno vs. Hollywood Hogan & Eric Bischoff

What Worked

JT Rozzero: The atmosphere and setting were really cool visuals; The post match of Meng/Barbarian was hot; Tokyo Magnum dancing at ringside; The dynamic between Kanyon, Raven and Saturn was interesting; Saturn suplexing dudes; Tony saying “Place to Be’ multiple times; Some of these absurd outfits the bikers are wearing; Jericho’s shit talking; The sunset looked cool as a back drop to the ring; Juventud and Jericho worked their asses off; The iconic Wolfpac theme; Goldberg looking like a beast; Buffer’s announcements – “The Dangerous Disciple”; Kevin Eubanks~!

Tim Capel: The stage and overall setting, with some nice aerial views; Sexy Leather Daddy Tony Schiavone; Meng/Barbarian as a hot opener; The Raven/Saturn feud rocked and Kanyon worked as a third man; Saturn taking Lodi and Horace to Suplay City; Rey and Psicosis putting in work with a sick finish; Scott Steiner’s stretcher job selling of a chair shot we didn’t even see; Chris Jericho’s kimono and disdain for the crowd; Scott Hall being lit and saying “Survey Says…”; Goldberg wrecking shop on the entire uppercard; Jay Leno injecting life into a comatose crowd; Smart match layout for the main event with DDP and Hogan holding the match together; Kevin Eubanks hitting a sweet Diamond Cutter

Jennifer Smith: Tony in leather, HACHE MACHE; Mean Gene looking oddly at home on a sweet ass bike; Kanyon’s tights; Stop sign beatdown; Hearing “Place to be”; Pretty cool triple table spot; Psicosis and Rey showing out; Jericho’s glorious top ponytail and real extra robe; Wolfpac music; Hall’s drunken ass; Jay Leno being surprisingly entertaining

Stacey O’Loughlin: The sweet looking outdoor show; Mean Gene on a motorcycle; Meng and Barb stiffing each other; The kitchen sink gag; The bulletproof Rey and Psicosis travelling show; Tony talking about getting “any leather item” to pop Jennifer; Jericho wearing a ladies’ housecoat to the ring; Jericho in general; The cruiserweight title finish; The nWo Wolfpack theme; Goldberg; The Jackhammer on the Giant; The main event had some fun gaga; DDP worked hard

Greg Phillips: The skyline and natural beauty of the scenery; TONY; Menger and the Barbarian hitting each other with force; Raven being the second best character in the company; Rey’s springboard dive; Pepe!; I didn’t mind the Stevie and Chavo stuff; Buff and Steiner’s fantastic cowardly acting; Chris Jericho being the best character in the company; The Malenko/Jericho feud; Juvi getting a rare pop from this horrible crowd for beating Jericho; Disinterested Giant; Jackhammer; Hogan’s commitment to being a heel; DDP’s improving work

Jacob Williams: Jimmy Hart going airborne; Meng/Barbarian power offense; Rey and Jericho trying to bring some energy to the show; Goldberg and Jericho trolling the bikers; Eddie Guerrero’s presence

Neil Trama: The Faces of Fear EXPLODE; Rey Jr. and Psicosis trying to have a good match; Jericho being awesome; Goldberg destroying dudes and jackhammering the friggin Giant; I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Jay Leno match wasn’t actually terrible; I’m always a mark for shows that start outside in the sunlight and then transition to darkness, so there’s that; Oh and Kevin Eubanks’ diamond cutter!

Trent Williams: It was a show outside which I always enjoy; The hoss battle between Meng & Barbarian; Table spot with Public Enemy; The underrated great music of both Psicosis and Juvi; Mysterio/Psicosis & Juvi vs Jericho actually being good matches; The Sturgis crowd being slightly less racist toward Stevie Ray than they were back in 1996; Jericho insulting Malenko during the match; Malenko getting revenge on Jericho for putting him through crap all year; Goldberg’s performance in Battle Royal and Heenan doing a great job of putting him over; Kevin Eubanks Diamond Cutter

Tim Slomka: Top Rope Suplay by Barbarian (with zero crowd pop); Place 2 Be Shout-outs; Tenay moving storylines along; Helicopter shots of the crowd and the city; Cool sunset; Sting (besides not making sense in the NOW) at least looking like a star; Booking Goldberg to win battle royal; Eddie’s mullet; Loud BS chant during the Steiner screwjob: NWO and Wolfpack music; Jericho trolling the crowd

Tyler Kelley: Rey and Psichosis worked hard despite the crowd; Jericho and Juvy had a very good match; Jericho tried his damnedest to play to the crowd and they eventually woke up to cheer Juvy’s win; Scott Hall’s credit card at the Tramp Stamp Lounge racking up his bar bill before the battle royal; Goldberg was so badass in 1998

Jason Sherman: The Faces of Fear EXPLODE; Raven being Raven; Chris Jericho; Juventud; Rey Mysterio and his theme; Referee Malenko; Tokyo Magnum and Alex Wright’s dancing; Goldberg; Of course, the Wolfpac theme

Logan Crosland: The outdoor venue is always a cool visual; Faces of Fear beating the shit out of each other; Rey and Psicosis working hard despite the crowd; All things Jericho; Wolfpac theme; Jackhammer on the Giant; DDP going all out

What Didn’t Work

JT Rozzero: Shaky production on opening video; Tenay’s Canadian Tuxedo; Heenan’s hat; The lame ECW wannabe hardcore tag match; The dead silent crowd; Chavo Fucking Guerrero; The Steiner Brother bait and switch; Booking Mongo to have to carry Brian Adams; Sting and Luger in the NWO never feels right; Hogan selling for Leno’s soft offense; Leno wrestling at all

Tim Capel: I’d blame the crowd, but really Bischoff’s insistence on going back to this shitty-ass sucky town year after year is the issue; Some horrendous camerawork (even by WCW standards); The backyard wrestling tag match; Saturn going over is fun, but doesn’t really advance the feud; Rey/Psicosis in 1998 not being Rey/Psicosis in 1996; Chavo without Eddie just sucks; Bryan Adams & Mongo having a PPV match; Goldberg going over EVERYONE in a battle royal is pretty dumb; DDP & Leno coming out to a shitty Tonight Show dub; The venue hurting what probably otherwise would’ve been some good matches

Jennifer Smith: The fucking crowd; Bobby’s hat; Garbage tag match; Jim Duggan is still alive?; Sitting through a Chavo match; Boring battle royal; Mongo and Adams making me want to gouge my eyes out; Eric, ugh

Stacey O’Loughlin: Shitty drunk biker crowd; Jimmy Hart doing spots; Dudes walking all the way to the back to pick up weapons mid-match; Two shitty garbage brawls in a row; Psicosis almost dying for these peasants; Scott Hall being absolutely maggoted; Leno’s terrible theme music; Bischoff being scared of Leno but not DDP; Hogan calling someone else “bald”

Greg Phillips: The usual horrendous Sturgis crowd filled with non-wrestling fans; The insanely dangerous ring setup, with an elevated area outside the ring; Virtually any actual wrestling in front of this crowd; Raven losing; Everything to do with Brian Adams and Mongo; The crowd; Blowing Goldberg/Giant off in a battle royal; Nash eliminating himself from the battle royal; JJ Dillon cutting a horrible promo; The crowd; Bischoff going after DDP but cowering from Leno; Hogan selling for Leno; The crowd

Jacob Williams: Brain being sort of checked out; Sedated crowd; Brian Adams’s tights; The disjointed street fight; Unnecessary hardcore brawling; Lounge music in the main event; Lack of condiments in the street fight; Ice trays; The Meat Sauce Mafia

Neil Trama: The Public Enemy in the ring; The public enemies in the crowd; Mongo vs. Crush; World champion Goldberg in a battle royal like a goof; Jay Leno and Hulk Hogan EXCHANGING HOLDS; Jay Leno’s horrible music

Trent Williams: The crowd not knowing or caring who most of the guys were; The absolute clusterfuck booking of the Disco/Alex vs Public Enemy match; Putting two hardcore type matches back to back on the card; The constant bait and switch that was the Steiner vs Steiner feud in 98,; The entire McMichael vs Adam sloppy match that was full of botches; Guys like Sting, Hennig, Norton, & Goldberg being stuck in a battle royal when they could’ve been in other matches and made this show better,; Deciding to do NWO vs NWO in a battle royal instead of an eight man tag; Jay Leno in a match instead of just being in DDP’s corner; Eubanks should’ve been DDP’s partner as at least he looked in shape and hit a sweet diamond cutter,; The fact that for the longest time I didn’t realize Disciple was Brutus “The Fucking Barber” Beefcake; So many talents not on the card or not in a match that could’ve made this a better show like Booker, Benoit, Finlay, Eddie; Hell I would’ve taken a Glacier match instead of Mongo vs Adams; The fact that rewatching this show is taking away my good nostalgic vibe I used to have for it

Tim Slomka: The Brain’s Hat; The Crowd – All time Bad; Having a show with ZERO paid in attendance; Almost everyone in black outfits; Heenan having zero prep calling saying Letterman in the Public Enemy matching following up with “What’s the other guy’s name, NBC”; The Giant give zero effort; The Giant’s elimination of Luger is up there with the worst of all time; Goldberg’s spear on Norton; JJ Dillon cutting a promo and forgetting the next PPV name; Vincent chair shot; The Crowd (deserves 2 mentions); Leno being in a main event

Tyler Kelley: Biker crowd couldn’t give two shits about the show; Tenay talking about getting any leather item you want in Sturgis; Pepe being the most entertaining performer in a match also including Chavo Guerrero and Stevie Ray; Bait and switch on Steiners match; JJ Dillon as the babyface authority figure; Mongo vs. Bryan Adams; Seriously, fuck this dead crowd; Sting’s Lobster Wolfpac facepaint; Goldberg winning the battle royal with…a pin???; Jay Leno’s training regiment; Leno and Bischoff in the main event

Jason Sherman: Sturgis; The Crowd; The First Family; That tag team mess; Chavo and Pepe… and Stevie Ray; Where the hell was Booker?!?; Brian Adams and Mongo; The Crowd; JJ Dillon, Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner’s ID network level acting chops; Terrible overdubbed music; Did I mention the crowd?

Logan Crosland: Horrible outfits on all the commentators; Terrible crowd; Garbage tag team brawl was kinda boring; Putting Goldberg in a battle royal as the newly crowned champ instead of a one on one match; Chavo Guerrero’s mere existence; Mongo and Brian Adams match was awful

Match of the Night

JT Rozzero: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Tim Capel: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Jennifer Smith: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Stacey O’Loughlin: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Greg Phillips: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Jacob Williams: 
Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Neil Trama: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Trent Williams: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Tim Slomka: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Tyler Kelley: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Jason Sherman: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho
Logan Crosland: Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho

Worst Match of the Night

JT Rozzero: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Tim Capel: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Stevie Ray
Jennifer Smith: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Stevie Ray
Stacey O’Loughlin: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Greg Phillips: 
Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Jacob Williams: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael

Neil Trama: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Trent Williams: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Tim Slomka: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Tyler Kelley: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Stevie Ray
Jason Sherman: Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael
Logan Crosland: 
Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael

MVP of the Night

JT Rozzero: Chris Jericho
Tim Capel: Diamond Dallas Page
Jennifer Smith: Chris Jericho
Stacey O’Loughlin: Chris Jericho
Greg Phillips: Chris Jericho
Jacob Williams: 
Chris Jericho
Neil Trama: Goldberg
Trent Williams: Chris Jericho
Tim Slomka: Chris Jericho
Tyler Kelley: Chris Jericho
Jason Sherman:Chris Jericho
Logan Crosland:Chris Jericho

Best Live Chat Comment of the Night

JT Rozzero: “Parts Unknown is the flop house all the boys are sharing” – Stacey O’Loughlin

Tim Capel: So I was curious and looked it up and “110th St in Harlem” is fucking Central Park.” – Stacey O’Loughlin

Jennifer Smith: “I wanted a top ponytail so bad because of him at this time.” – Greg Phillips

Stacey O’Loughlin: “He’d get better at jackhammering the Giant… and in applying his wrestling finisher too.” – Tim Capel 

Greg Phillips: “DASTY DICK NUKE” – Stacey O’Loughlin

Jacob Williams: “Parts Unknown is the flop house all the boys are sharing” – Stacey O’Loughlin

Neil Trama: “Crowd loves Leno – think he got 20 people to clap there.” – Tim Slomka

Tim Slomka: “How many people in this crowd do you think are still alive” – Tim Capel

Tyler Kelley: “He’d get better at jackhammering the Giant… and in applying his wrestling finisher, too.” – Tim Capel

Jason Sherman: I’m ready for Leno to fuck everyone up tbh” – Stacey O’Loughlin

Logan Crosland: “How many people in the crowd do you think are still alive?” – Tim Capel

Show Grade:

JT Rozzero: 3.5/10
Tim Capel: 4/10
Jennifer Smith: 3.5/10
Stacey O’Loughlin: 3/10
Greg Phillips: 3.5/10
Jacob Williams: 
Neil Trama: 3.5/10
Trent Williams: 3/10
Tim Slomka: 2/10
Tyler Kelley: 3/10
Jason Sherman: 3/10
Logan Crosland: 3/10

Match Grades

JT Rozzero: **, *, **½, ***¼, ¼*, DUD, ***½, **, **1/4
Tim Capel: **, *¼, **¾, ***¼, DUD, *, ***¼, **, **½
Jennifer Smith: **, *¼, **¾, ***¼, DUD, *, ***¼, **, **½
Stacey O’Loughlin: **, *, *½, ***, ½*, ½*, ***, *½, **

Greg Phillips: **½, *½, **¾, ***, **, DUD, ***½, **, **½
Jacob Williams: 
**, *, **½, ***, ½*, DUD, ***½, **½, **
Neil Trama: ** ½, *, **, ***, *, *, *** ½, ** ½, ** ¾
Trent Williams: **¼, *½, **¾, ***¼, DUD, ½*, ***½, **¼ 
Tim Slomka: ***, ½*, **, ***, **,  DUD, ***, **½, **
Tyler Kelley: **, *, **1/2, ***1/4, ¼*, ¼*, ***1/2, **, **
Jason Sherman:
**, *½, **½, ***¼, DUD, DUD, ***½, **, **
Logan Crosland: **, *, **, ***, *, DUD, ***½, **, **

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