PTBN Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever Results: Honorable Mentions, Part Two (274-225)

“The revolutionary force for over 50 years in sports entertainment” was a clever tag line used in the mid 90s before every WWF show. For most United States wrestling fans that are still alive, it is a way of life. Greater by the day is the lack of variance in the answer of what wrestling an individual grew up on. For better or worse, WWE has been the standard bearer. Throughout that rich history, performers ranging from Nature Boys to Undertakers have graced the squared circle. Foreign legends have had extended runs and some of the most iconic figures in pro wrestling history have been aces of the promotion reaching unequivocal mainstream pop culture heights in the world of wrestling.

With such a large history to play with, discovering the beauty of Bob Backlund’s charisma or the connection of Bruno Sammartino to the MSG crowd was a new development throughout this project similar to rewatching The Godfather and On the Waterfront to rediscover the genius of Marlon Brando. WWE may not have always been YOUR promotion but for the better part of 50 years, it was THE promotion in the United States and transformed the pro wrestling landscape. This project serves to praise the individuals that best helped shape the vision of Vince McMahon Sr. and Jr. Place to be Nation is proud to present to you a ranking of the Greatest WWE Wrestlers Ever.

– Chad Campbell

Note: Results of this list are based on 118 ballots received between May and December 2017. Voters were asked to submit their list of the 100 Greatest WWE Wrestlers of all time and consider only their WWWF/WWF/WWE career. Ties were broken based on 1) number of ballots a wrestler appeared on and 2) high vote. 

Every wrestler who received at least one vote will be recognized in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned to Place to Be Nation as we reveal all of the honorable mentions right through the cream of the crop. Read the other installments, both written and audio, of this project here.

274. Paige
Total Points: 46
Total Ballots: 4
Average Rank: 89.5
High Vote: 83
Low Vote: 100
High Voter: Matt Souza

Key Matches & Moments: Set the bar for NXT women’s matches at the first NXT Arrival special defeating Emma to win the women’s title; Moved up to the main roster and won the Divas title during her debut on RAW; Solid series of matches with AJ Lee as they traded the title back and forth; Lead the unfortunately named team PCB during their original tenure

Staff Thoughts: Paige felt like she got there a bit earlier than was ideal. She was the precursor to the so-called women’s revolution in every way possible. While AJ was the bridge from Diva to Woman, Paige was the legitimacy. It’s a shame she got hurt when she did just as the division was getting fired up. Hopefully now that she’s back she’ll breathe new life as her matchups with the likes of Bayley and Sasha Banks, to name a few, have the potential to be gems. It is still unclear whether or not she has filled the proper paperwork to prove that this is in fact her house.

From the Voters: I like Paige, but she fell off a cliff in terms of relevance a few years ago. Good worker, but never looked better on the main roster than she did in NXT. Great look & unique character. She had a lot of potential. No chance.” – Devon Hales, June 2, 2017

“I will not be ranking any women at all.” – Neema Parvini, June 15, 2017

273. Hillbilly Jim
Total Points: 47
Total Ballots: 6
Average Rank: 93.2
High Vote: 90
Low Vote: 96
High Voter: Jason Fastkade

Key Matches & Moments: Teamed with Hulk Hogan on many an occasion thrusting him into the national spotlight; “Sang” the “hit” “song” Don’t Go Messing With A Country Boy; Successfully pulled a golden horseshoe out of his ass and wore it around his neck for years; Is and forever will be Mudlick Kentucky’s greatest export


From the Voters: Fun fact: I have watched thousands of pro wrestling matches in my life. Never seen one Hillbilly Jim match in my life. Damn proud of that.” – Martin Boulevard, May 29, 2017

“Of zero worth.” – Neema Parvini, June 16, 2017

272. Layla
Total Points: 48
Total Ballots: 2
Average Rank: 77
High Vote: 69
Low Vote: 85
High Voter: Stacey O’Loughlin

Key Matches & Moments: Won the 2006 Diva Search, which was the beginning of a nine year career; Highlights include the LayCool team with Michelle McCool, as well as winning the WWE Women’s and Divas championship

Staff Thoughts: Read Stacey’s Making the Case article for Layla. Nobody else could begin to express the level of appreciation for Layla that Stacey does.

From the Voters: “Would.” – Neema Parvini, June 15, 2017

271. Tazz
Total Points: 50
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 84.3
High Vote: 76
Low Vote: 95
High Voter: El Groino

Key Matches & Moments: Debuted at Royal Rumble 2000 choking out Kurt Angle, and it was all downhill from there; Won the ECW title while a WWF wrestler, which allowed him to lose to Triple H; Did have moments in the hardcore division and as part of the ECW contingent that was allowed to bask in the glow of ECW leader Stephanie McMahon; Had an enjoyable tag team run with Spike Dudley that won the WWF tag titles

Staff Thoughts: After that strong debut choking out Kurt Angle he looked poised for big things, but it never happened. Going right into a feud with the announcers probably didn’t help and getting put in the Hardcore division made him like just another guy. Holding the ECW title while in WWF was interesting, mostly so it could allow Triple H to beat recent winners of both th ECW and WCW titles. Tag run with Spike was kind of fun at times until they weren’t underdogs anymore.

From the Voters: “I’ve never been a fan really, and his transition to the WWE was just tragic.” – Michael Schoen, June 3, 2017

“Won’t be ranking midgets.” – Neema Parvini, June 15, 2017

270. Ryback
Total Points: 51
Total Ballots: 6
Average Rank: 92.5
High Vote: 87
Low Vote: 98
High Voter: Scott Shifflett

Key Matches & Moments: Was part of Nexus before returning from injury repackaged as the Goldberg inspired Ryback; Went on a 38 match winning streak before losing to CM Punk at Hell in a Cell; Would continue to feud with Punk, resulting in him being attacked by debuting Shield at Survivor Series 2012; Ryback teamed with Team Hell No to take on the Shield at TLC 2012 in the highlight match of his career; Continued feuding with the Shield with a variety of partners, while remaining in the title picture challenging John Cena through mid-2013; Was aligned with Paul Heyman to feud with Punk before he left the company; Won the Intercontinental Title and challenged Kalisto for the United States championship at the WrestleMania 32 pre-show and the Payback 2014 pre-show in good matches

Staff Thoughts: The Shield feud and matches were top-notch, topping out with the six-man with Team Hell No.The matches with Kalisto for the US title were good as well. Got over with a Goldberg act and the “Feed Me More” chant. He had potential to do a lot more, but was criticized by wrestlers, most notably CM Punk, for being reckless and unsafe, which may have held him back. He was fine, just not 100 best in company history level.

From the Voters: “My friend always described him as ‘Cartoon Goldberg with Hugh Morrus Tights, and Renegade armbands.'” – Brian Meyer, July 13, 2017

269. Victor Rivera
Total Points: 52
Total Ballots: 1
Average Rank: 49
High Vote: 49
Low Vote: 49
High Voter: Steve Gennarelli

Key Matches & Moments: Won the WWWF International Tag Team titles with partner Tony Marino in 1969 and the WWWF Tag Team titles with partner Dominic DeNucci in 1975

Staff Thoughts: Defering to Lee Wes’ comments on the Facebook page here.

From the Voters: “When he returned in ’78, as a heel managed by Blassie, he challenged Backlund for the WWWF title in several cities, including Philly. He started his career in WWWF in ’64 and worked every year there (except ’66 & ’77) until 1980, often tagging with Bruno or Haystacks. He returned from ’82-’84 as an enhancement talent. His last match was a $50,000 battle royal won by Andre. There is a report that he came back for one more WWE match in 1989, but I have not found it (Meadowlands Legends Battle Royal perhaps?)” – Lee Wes, September 8, 2017

“At one point, I knew the difference between all the Riverias. I think Victor was the least jobber-y of them.” – Neema Parvini, September 7, 2017

268. Scorpio
Total Points: 52
Total Ballots: 2
Average Rank: 75
High Vote: 69
Low Vote: 81
High Voter: Rory McNamara

Key Matches & Moments: Very limited run in WWF included appearing in the WrestleMania XIV Tag Team Battle Royal and competing in the Brawl for All, then teaming with Terry Funk  joining the J.O.B. Squad

Staff Thoughts: Fans of Scorpio’s work from other companies will likely cry at the summary of his time with WWF. No doubt an incredible talent wasted in the WWF and there’s plenty of blame for both the company and Scorpio. There are plenty of great Scorpio matches but not in the WWF. With his zoot suits and Funkettes he blazed a trail for both the Godfather and The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay, so there’s that.

From the Voters: “This is a big NO for me. Yes, he was utilized poorly in his WWF run and that’s not his fault, but he did himself no favors by essentially being horrible in the ring in his 96-98 run. Joining the JOB Squad did him no favors either.” – Chris Jordan, May 30, 2017

267. Brooklyn Brawler
Total Points: 54
Total Ballots: 2
Average Rank: 74
High Vote: 67
Low Vote: 81
High Voter: El Groino

Key Matches & Moments: Was beaten soundly and severely by nearly every wrestler with a last name in the 1980s; Hooked up with Bobby Heenan to shed his human form and become the brawling god we know him as today; Stomped a fucking chicken in one of Donald Trump’s casinos; Fought Triple H for the WWF championship in Madison Square Garden; Appeared as a Talking Head in practically every dvd the company has produced as well as the music video for “Psycho Killer”

Staff Thoughts: As I lay awake at night I often wonder what that t-shirt smelt like. It must have been awful. Cause you can’t wash it, a shirt that torn. Unless he dry cleaned it, which seems HIGHLY UNLIKELY. A jobber of the highest degree, but very fondly remembered perhaps for that lone WrestleMania appearance. For what it’s worth probably not the biggest scumbag to wear the New York Yankees colors.

From the Voters: Sure, why not. He’s got crazy longevity and sheer volume of matches guarantees some good ones. Gave a lot of up and comers their break by making them look good. He’s an important part of WWF/WWE history. (Ed. note: Ben Morse did not vote for Steve Lombardi as he said he would on May 30th. Mr. Lombardi could not be reached for comments on this betrayal.)” – Ben Morse May 30th 2017

266. Ahmed Johnson
Total Points: 54
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 83
High Vote: 62
Low Vote: 99
High Voter: Chris Jordan

Key Matches & Moments: Burst into the scene with a bodyslam of the mammoth Yokozuna; Committed a hate crime at King of the Ring 1996 and was rewarded with the Intercontinental title; Won a number one contender’s battle royale on Raw by slickly hanging upside down while his opponent fell to the floor; Seemed on the verge of big things before an injury and a never-ending feud with Faarooq ate up the rest of his career.

Staff Thoughts: Ahmed Johnson could have been a big deal but booking and the lack of coherent speech derailed his career. It’s also possible that the higher ups tired of watching him pick those tights out of his ass. There must have been a set of tights that wouldn’t have ridden that ass like a god damn jockey. The Nation of Domination sealed the death of his importance. They kicked his kidney into bits and sucked him dry. Even when he joined them it was a total disaster. Look no further than the 1998 Royal Rumble for one of the saddest displays in company history. Where the hell did he get those giant pieces of lumber?

From the Voters: No in ring skills, no promo ability, no longevity. A true triple threat.” – Jordan Duncan, May 28, 2017

“Huahh! Jub teemsumthun! Yuh! Faarooo, tillyu frum da stee! Da Stee! Chumbawumba! Yur gunk dowww!” – Ahmed Johnson, April 3, 2017

265. Chad Gable
Total Points: 55
Total Ballots: 2
Average Rank: 73.5
High Vote: 70
Low Vote: 77
High Voter: Henry Rivers

Key Matches & Moments: Teamed with Jason Jordan as one half of American Alpha, where they had great matches with The Revival at NXT Takeover: Dallas and NXT Takeover: The End; Held the SmackDown Tag Team titles with Jordan; Currently teaming with Shelton Benjamin where the team is in the mix for the SmackDown tag titles

Staff Thoughts: Sure we all loved those NXT matches against The Revival, but we all love most everything about The Revival. But American Alpha carried their weight in those matches and were a real good team, more so in NXT than on SmackDown. Pretty light body of work so far, but definitely a lot of upside.

From the Voters: “Could still make a name for himself, but hasn’t done enough yet to warrant a top 100 spot.” – Matt Rotella, May 29, 2017

264. Blackjack Mulligan
Total Points: 57
Total Ballots: 4
Average Rank: 86.8
High Vote: 77
Low Vote: 95

High Voter: Tim Tetreault

Key Matches & Moments: Teamed with Blackjack Lanza and the team won the WWWF Tag Team titles; One of the first challengers to Pedro Morales during his WWWF title runs; Lost to Bruno Sammartino during his return to Madison Square Garden; Feuded with Andre the Giant in the early 1980s; Worked under a mask as “Big Machine” defeating members of the Heenan Family with his partners “Super Machine,” “Giant Machine,” “Hulk Machine” and “Piper Machine”; No idea who those last three are

Staff Thoughts: The Blackjacks were one of the top teams of their time, and Mulligan added to his resume with singles work against Pedro Morales, Andre the Giant, Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund. Without him there is no Widowmaker or New Blackjacks so thanks for that (although to be fair there’s also no Windham/Flair NWA stuff). May have been confused when trying to mimic Piper’s Pit, thinking it to be a cooking show and debuting Blackjack’s Barbecue, which does sound delicious. Also featured one of the best mustaches this side of Yosemite Sam, and was one of the pioneers of the evil cowboy genre that Vince McMahon loves nearly as much as lovable hillbillies. We would love to know what experiences Vince has had in rural America to form these opinions.

From the Voters: “Had a good run challenging Morales for the WWWF belt (I think he was one of Pedro’s first title defenses) and teaming with Lanza in the 70s. His matches with Andre in 82, while not technically sound, had some good heat. His face run a couple of years later was completely forgettable. Had longevity as a solid, if not spectacular, heel contender. Definitely believable as a super tough guy. Not having high profile matches against Backlund during his 82 run hurt his case. A personal favorite, but don’t see him in the top 100.” – Tim Tetreault, May 28, 2017

263. Crash Holly
Total Points: 57
Total Ballots: 5
Average Rank: 89.6
High Vote: 81
Low Vote: 99
High Voter: Brad Faulk

Key Matches & Moments: Teamed with fellow Super Heavyweight “cousin” Bob Holly, carrying a scale to the ring and winning the Tag Team titles from the Rock n’ Sock Connection; Best known for his work in the Hardcore division where he ushered in the 24/7 rule era of the title, featuring a match in a ball pit and Crash losing the title to Gerald Brisco while taking a nap; He was a 22-time Hardcore champion and also a European and Light Heavyweight champion; Was a “Moore-on” as an apprentice to MF’er Shannon Moore

Staff Thoughts: The 24/7 stuff was fun and he was one of the biggest reasons it got over. He made the Super Heavyweight stuff work much better than Bob Holly did. Good enough comedy character that got a lot of inane stuff over.

From the Voters: “The hardcore title run got over, and it was a fun little gimmick for a while there, and I thought he was easy to root for as an underdog. But it isn’t near enough to get him on the list.” – Adam Russell, July 14, 2017

262. Haystacks Calhoun
Total Points: 58
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 81.7
High Vote: 68
Low Vote: 96
High Voter: Nate Milton

Key Matches & Moments: One of the biggest stars of the 1950s and 1960s, both figuratively and literally; Often booked in handicapped matches and as a special attraction, in much the same way as Andre the Giant would be booked decades later; Noted for his agility for a man of his size; Had matches with Bruno Sammartino, Buddy Rogers and Billy Graham; Most oft mentioned wrestler by grandfathers around the country

Staff Thoughts: Blazed a trail for both giants in the sport and hillbillies in the sport and the result was magical. Was a huge star and attraction in the 1950s and 1960s, and seemed to be ahead of his time in some ways understanding the show business aspects of wrestling. Reports of him testing out the Space Flying Tiger Drop decades before Hakushi debuted the move on North American soil can be neither confirmed nor denied.

From the Voters: “4 months after his debut in Capitol Sports, he main evented MSG against Johnny Valentine in 1958. Like André after him, he was often booked in handicap matches. Him being slammed by Bruno Sammartino at MSG made the headlines in 1961. That same year, he challenged Buddy Rogers, without success. In the 70’s, he was used by McMahon every summer and even challenged a few times Billy Graham in 1977. He is on the fringe of being my Top 100, for historical reasons.” – Alexis Beaudet, June 2, 2017

“1. Bruno didn’t slam Haystack, he picked him up. 2. That match wasn’t for Capitol, it was for Pedro Martinez/Jack Pfeifer (as were all MSG cards between 3/59-12/60)” – Lee Wes, October 7, 2017

261. Diamond Dallas Page
Total Points: 58
Total Ballots: 5
Average Rank: 89.4
High Vote: 68
Low Vote: 100
High Voter: Blaise Perrone

Key Matches & Moments: Debuted to a MONSTER reaction as the stalker of Sarah Undertaker; Part of the excellent ten man tag that main evented the Invasion PPV of 2001; Promptly destroyed by everyone in the Undertaker extended family; Won the European title and competed at WrestleMania X8 against Christian; Enshrined in WWE Hall of Fame possibly not only for his in-ring career but his role in saving countless aging wrestlers from themselves

Staff Thoughts: Boy did the company ever miss the boat with this guy. If you go back and listen to his debut you’d think that Brad Pitt was dancing down the female clothes aisle at Sears throwing money from his sensual hands in the year 1994. Had they remotely respected anyone that came from WCW at the time Page could have been something. Instead he was pinned by some Jezebel (Kaaaaaang). It’s too bad, he was capable of so much more, and as it turns out one of the very best people in the business as well. And why the hell would he be stalking Sara Undertaker while Kimberly weeps at home, still dressed in her Nitro Girl’s outfit? Still waiting for the winds of change.

From the Voters: Love DDP for all he’s done in and out of the ring, but his WWF run was a letdown. Not his fault though. He threw everything he had into both the stalker and motivational speaker gimmicks, but one of those sucked and the other came too late.” – Ben Morse, June 25, 2017

“The entire feud with Undertaker and his wife still has me angry. We all know what DDP’s wife at the time looked like. Why would he stalk Undertaker’s wife? To get Undertaker’s attention? Horse manure! Why didn’t he just steal the urn like any other respectable heel?” – Michael DeDamos, June 26, 2017

260. Antonio Inoki
Total Points: 59
Total Ballots: 1
Average Rank: 42
High Vote: 42
Low Vote: 42
High Voter: TheBestThatNeverWas

Key Matches & Moments: Defeated Bob Backlund for the WWWF Title in Japan but would however lose it back to Backlund a few weeks later; Backlund is listed as having one reign…inside job?

Staff Thoughts: Antonio Inoki was a guy who would show up whenever the company went to Japan and main event the shows there. He’s inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and is the owner of the largest forehead in human history.

From the Voters: Were the Inoki/Backlund matches any good?” – Matt Souza, May 29, 2017

“Split opinion. Worth exploring IF you are a Backlund fan.” – Good Ol’ Will from Texas, May 29, 2017

259. Johnny Rodz
Total Points: 61
Total Ballots: 4
Average Rank: 85.8
High Vote: 79
Low Vote: 95
High Voter: Pete Schirmacher

Key Matches & Moments: Was Kevin Von Erich’s opponent in his only MSG appearance; Why do I get slotted with all “these” guys?

Staff Thoughts: Johnny Rodz was one of the most prolific enhancement talents of the 1970s. Whether it was getting smashed by Andre the Giant or getting the tar beat out of you by old man Strongbow, Johnny Rodz was down (and out). Also know for training numerous wrestling stars over the years.

From the Voters: I don’t want to revisit him.” – Good Ol’ Will From Texas, May 30, 2017

258. Brian Adams
Total Points: 61
Total Ballots: 4
Average Rank:85.8
High Vote: 47
Low Vote: 96
High Voter: Jason Drake

Key Matches & Moments: Ruined Demolition; Had a fun run as Kona Crush which included being part of an illusion (Michael); High point has to be the feud with Randy Savage, which includes the great Summit iand a solid battle at WrestleMania X; Then he went to jail and joined the black supremacist group before leading a white supremacist group, and finally partnering for a marijuana advocacy organization

Staff Thoughts: If you’re feeling lonely,don’t. You’re the only one I’ll ever want. I only want to make it good. So if I love you a little more than I should. Please forgive me.

From the Voters: “That is the most 1993 pic I’ve ever seen. It’s just missing the Crystal Pepsi.” – Steve Williams, May 28, 2017

Soft spot. His music on the SNES game was really good.” – Neema Parvini, June 15, 2017

257. Heath Slater
Total Points: 62
Total Ballots: 4
Average Rank: 85.5
High Vote: 75
Low Vote: 93
High Voter: Ash

Key Matches & Moments: Part of the Nexxus and the Corre and three-time WWE Tag Team champion with Justin Gabriel; Feuded with numerous legends and beaten by most of them leading up to the 1,000th episode of Raw; Formed Three Man Band with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre and much shenanigans ensued; Had a confrontation with Flo Rida at WrestleMania XXVIII and later on Raw with Slater winding up on his ass both times; Teamed with Titus O’Neil as Slater Gator and formed the Social Outcasts, but the group disbanded when Slater was the only active superstar not drafted to either brand in 2016; Slater began campaigning for his job on both Raw and SmackDown, eventually teaming with Rhyno to win the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Staff Thoughts: He’s got kids! Slater’s definitely been through a lot in his career, making the most of a lot of shit.

From the Voters: “I have an argument for him I will make in podcast form.” – Dylan Hales, July 7, 2017 (You can listen to that podcast here)

“I root for him to succeed. He won’t succeed on my list.” – Good ol’ Will from Texas, May 29, 2017

256. Dr. Jerry Graham
Total Points: 63
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 80
High Vote: 60
Low Vote: 90
High Voter: Edwin Ortiz, Jr.

Key Matches & Moments: Founder of famed Graham wrestling family and feuded with Buddy Rogers in 1956 that set attendance records at the time; Tagged with Dick the Bruiser against Argentina Rocca and Edouard Carpentier that resulted in a riot resulting in Dick the Bruiser being banned for life; Jerry Graham wrestled Bruno Sammartino at Madison Square Garden and more than 10,000 fans were turned away because MSG was already packed; Graham was a six-time WWWF United States Tag Team Champion

Staff Thoughts: Was reportedly Vince McMahon’s favorite wrestler as a teenager, so if your tastes in wrestling mirror Vince’s, Dr. Jerry may be your guy. Let’s go to voter comments for more info!

From the Voters: “Bruno first faced Dr. Jerry Graham in the main event at MSG for the WWWF title in Dec. ’63 (they had been facing each other in Capitol since 1960) and last faced him in 1966, having had over 40 singles matches with Bruno, including on Bridgeport, D.C. & Baltimore TV shows and twice headlining MSG with him. He also faced Bruno over 40 other times in tag matches.” – Lee Wes, September 7, 2017

“Vince’s favorite wrestler… definitely deserves to be in the conversation.” – Sean Fluharty, September 6, 2017

255. Brian Blair
Total Points: 64
Total Ballots: 2
Average Rank: 69
High Vote: 61
Low Vote: 77
High Voter: Vince Male

Key Matches & Moments: Brian Blair was best known for being one half of the Killer Bees with Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell; Fuded with the Hart Foundation and the Funks during the mid-to-late 1980s; Appeared at WrestleMania 2, III and IV and numerous Saturday Night’s Main Events; According to the Facebook comments, had some long and fun matches with Paul Orndorff in 1984

Staff Thoughts: As a kid, the Bees were fun and their mask gimmick was a good way to give heels a taste of their own medicine. Now it seems ridiculous, taking so long and making the referees look like complete morons. Then again, in days when NFL referees don’t know what a catch is, maybe 80s WWF referees weren’t so dumb after all. The Bees were fine, having good matches with heel teams of the day, most notably the Harts. And of course, he’s the Iron Shiek’s favorite wrestler.

From the Voters: “Great tag worker, FIP and hot tag. Lots of good to great matches in Bees 85-87. I’ll have a spot for Blair.” – Kelly Nelson, May 28, 2017

“Humbled by Sheiky Baby.” – Greg Diener, May 28, 2017

254. Ivory
Total Points: 67
Total Ballots: 2
Average Rank: 67.5
High Vote: 58
Low Vote: 77
High Voter: El Groino

Key Matches & Moments: Debuted in 1999 trading the Women’s title with such stellar opponents as Debra, Miss Kitty and Fabulous Moolah, just shy of her 486th birthday; Was a critical part of the Right to Censor, helping the group get heel heat by acting conservatively and being reluctant to take off her clothes on national TV, an unheard of trait in early 2000s WWF women’s wrestling; Won the Women’s Championship a third time, feuding with Chyna who squashed her at WrestleMania X-7 shortly before being done with the company and vacating the title; Continued as a performer in the women’s division and a trainer of Tough Enough until 2005.

Staff Thoughts: Got good heat with RTC, was solid though mostly forgettable in the ring. In fairness, no one was getting good matches out of the women in the division when she was in the midst of the title picture. Rocked the fuck out of a schoolmarm dress though.

From the Voters: “Unfortunately a “no” from me. Honestly Ivory is probably one of the greatest female performers in the company’s history. She was always solid in the ring and a much better character actor than she gets credit for. Unfortunately she had her biggest success at a time when the Fed treated women’s wrestling as an afterthought.” – Nate Milton, July 12, 2017

253. Pierre
Total Points: 67
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 78.7
High Vote: 54
Low Vote: 100

High Voter: David Carli

Key Matches & Moments: One half of the Quebecers, who most definitely were Not the Mounties; They were three-time WWF Tag Team champs and were defending those titles at Royal Rumble 1994 when Owen Hart kicked Bret Hart’s leg out from his leg; In 1995 had great matches with Bret Hart at In Your House 3 and on Raw

Staff Thoughts: He’s Not the Mountie! The Quebecers had good matches with the Hart Brothers, 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty and others. When the Quebecers broke up, Pierre naturally returned to his pirate roots, wearing an eye patch and plundering Bret Hart of his leather jacket. Had a great match with Bret at IYH3, which may have paved the way for future pirates like Paul Burchill years later. Or maybe it was just a great match.

From the Voters: “This was a bit of a nostalgia pick for me, as I loved the Mountie, and subsequently the Quebecers. But Pierre was a pretty decent worker at the time, though going back to watch may tell me otherwise. But talk about moments. An integral part of Owen kicking Bret’s leg out of his leg.” – Eric Miller, June 6, 2017

252. Ken Kennedy
Total Points: 67
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 78.7
High Vote: 58
Low Vote: 95
High Voter: Nate Milton

Key Matches & Moments: Mr. Kennedy… Kennedy debuted to great fanfare and stood out with his arrogant ass perona, gum choping and the mic dropping for his self-introduction; Oft-injured master of the “Kenton bomb” won the United States championship, feuded with The Undertaker and challenged Batista for the World Heavyweight title and Bobby Lashley for the ECW title; Won the Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 23, but lost it to Edge before he could cash in; Was believed to be in line for the spot as Mr. McMahon’s storyline son, but that spot ultimately went to Hornswoggle (before eventually being revealed that Finlay was the father and the whole thing dropped); Couldn’t even get over by being allowed to call opponents “Assholes”

Staff Thoughts: Quite unique when he debuted, Mr. Kennedy had a ton of opportunities and nothing to show for it. From feuds with Undertaker and title matches shortly after his debut to winning Money in the Bank to being slated to be Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, he was given chance after chance, but injuries and suspensions always derailed him. I think there is something fitting that Hornswoggle wound up being the payoff after Kennedy was again injured/suspended/unimpressive or whatever the reason for that particular aborted push was, I lose track.

From the Voters: “This guy had a cool entrance but lousy bell-to-bell and flamed out in spectacular fashion.” – Brian Cullinane, May 31, 2017

251. Dominic DeNucci
Total Points: 68
Total Ballots: 3
Average Rank: 78.3
High Vote: 55
Low Vote: 98
High Voter: Timothy Drake

Key Matches & Moments: With partner Bruno Sammartino won the WWWF International Tag Titles by defeating Bepo and Geto Mongol; Their son Repo ravaged the promotion in the early 90s; With Victor Riviera won the WWWF Tag Team Title from The Valiant Brothers; Partner of Dino Bravo in what was surely the highlight of his career

Staff Thoughts: Dominic DeNucci was a solid tag team staple of the 1970s. His biggest claim to fame as a singles wrestler was failing to beat Pat Patterson for the Intercontinental Title, or at least that’s what Wikipedia said. High point: Training Mick Foley. Low Point: Training Shane Douglas.

From the Voters: “The 70s version of Brutus Beefcake. A lousy worker who only got as far as he did because the top guy was his best friend.” – Tim Tetreault, May 29, 2017

“He was 3-time world champ in Australia when he met Bruno…” – Lee Wes, October 7, 2017

“The Beefcake comparison amuses me, not because I agree with it at all, but now I’m picturing Dom cutting the hair of jobbers with a white coat on.” – Kelly Nelson, May 29, 2017

250. Perry Saturn
Total Points: 68
Total Ballots: 4
Average Rank: 84
High Vote: 74
Low Vote: 97
High Voter: El Groino

Key Matches & Moments: Debuted as part of the Radicalz and he teamed with and feuded with Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero for most of his tenure; Won the European title from Guerrero; Paired with Terri, though his true affections were only for Moppy, before she met her untimely end in the wood chipper courtesy of Raven

Staff Thoughts: Good match when he debuted, but he was clearly the least of the Radicalz in the ring and in termz of career achievementz. Had some decent matches against Eddie Guerrero but really, he’s best known for being in love with a mop. Read that sentence again and you may understand why he fell short of the Top 100.

From the Voters: “I’d argue Moppy alone was more memorable than Malenko’s WWF run. But still, Perry isn’t close to this list.” – Greg Phillips, June 2, 2017

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