PTBN Extreme Three Way Dance #2: The Night The Line Was Crossed

In the first full length edition of the show, the thirsty trio take it back to February of 1994 and The Night The Line Was Crossed. JT, Jennifer and John begin their ECW adventure with a bang, including: Roman Centurion Sal Bellomo, a Double Dog Collar Chain Tag Team match, a beatdown to The Public Enemy, Tommy Dreamer with an amazing kick out of the Superfly Splash, fireballs from The Original Sheik, a Mike Awesome temper tantrum, and a legendary 60 minute brawl featuring Terry Funk, Shane Douglas and Sabu. This show is balls to the wall, enhanced by red hot commentary from Joey Styles. So jump on board, grab a chair, and get ready to join this PTBN threesome for an extreme journey through time!

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