PTBN All Time PPV Draft – Tyler’s Round-by-Round PPV Draft Breakdown

A group of finer PTBNers recently got together (on the Interwebz) to draft the best wrestling PPVs of all time. You can read the rules and find out the results here. We had initially discussed sharing our thoughts on each of our picks by round, before scrapping the idea. But I had already started my round-by-round thoughts, so you can get what was going through my head as I was drafting (mostly this includes my cursing whoever stole the pick I wanted to make.) But enough foreplay, let’s get into the draft and my thoughts as I made each pick.

  1. NWA Great American Bash 1989 –For my money, this is the #2 PPV of all-time, with Luger/Steamboat, Sting/Muta, Flair/Funk and even Cornette/Paul E. rocking, and all kinds of fun. Great show-closing brawl and I’m thrilled to get this with pick seven.
  2. Extreme Rules 2012 – I rolled the dice that WM III would be here for this pick, but Neil threw me a curveball. Still, I think Extreme Rules ’12 is a top-tier secondary PPV with Bryan vs. Sheamus and Jericho vs. Punk very good and Brock vs. Cena an all-timer that will challenge for a top spot on my list of PPV matches. Love the value, but will have to adjust my strategy after the Trama-tic surprise of losing WM III.
  3. No Way Out 2001 – I was shocked to see this show, which many consider to be the best WWE Secondary PPV ever (and I’d say is an easy top four) here. Happy to grab it, as everything up and down the card is good (including a shockingly decent Stephanie vs. Trish match) and the Austin vs. Triple H Three Stages of Hell match and the Rock vs. Angle match both being great.
  4. WrestleMania XX – This was my top WM on the board, with really good and sometimes forgotten matches in Jericho vs. Christian (with Trish’s turn to hache mache Evil Trish), Rock ‘n’ Sock vs. Evolution, the Goldberg vs. Brock trainwreck and two great title matches.
  5. Takeover Brooklyn IV – I waited a bit to grab my first Takeover, but am happy to get this one. I love the Undisputed Era vs. Moustache Mountain and Richochet vs. Adam Cole and the Gargano vs. Ciampa Last Man Standing are great as well
  6. SummerSlam 1989 – For my money, this is one of the most fun shows out there, with the Hart Foundation vs. Brain Busters, the hidden gem of The Rockers & Tito Santana vs. The Fabulous Rougeaus & Rick Martel and the fantastic IC title match of Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior. The main event is star packed coming off the MegaPowers angle and features one of the better wrestlers with a unibrow and a Z cut into his hair (maybe not THE best but top 10, probably.)
  7. WrestleMania VIII – I needed to grab another WM, and felt lucky to get this one with two great matches in Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage (and Flair’s manic promo with his hair stained red with his blood) and Bret Hart winning the IC title from Roddy Piper. What the hell, I rang the bell, and got a top-notch Mania IMO (though the undercard is pretty unremarkable.)
  8. Royal Rumble 2008 – I debated grabbing RR ‘07 a few picks ago, before JT nabbed it with the next pick. I went with SummerSlam ‘89 instead, in hopes that RR ‘01 would make it to me. It didn’t, so now I’m taking the best Rumble on the board, which was 2008. The opening sequence with Shawn and Taker was great and Cena’s surprise return to win was a great moment, as well. The undercard was solid, if unspectacular. (Update – this was my selection for my least favorite pick, as I regret not grabbing another top-tier WCW show instead.)
  9. WrestleMania XXVIII – I wanted WM XIV for historical significance and to have a big show from the early Attitude Era, but it went before I could grab it. I think WM XXVIII is a better overall show, with the epic main event of Cena vs. the Rock and the Undertaker vs. Triple H HIAC (which I don’t love as much as a lot of people). Punk vs. Jericho is also good and the 18 second loss to Sheamus sent Daniel Bryan down his path to stardom. This also filled my allotted WM slots.
  10. WrestleMania V – We were allowed to use one flex pick on a WM or NXT Takeover and I was determined to get maximum value from my flex picks by grabbing another WM. I was happy to grab WM V, which has fun stuff on the undercard, like Rockers vs. Twin Towers, Strike Force vs. Brain Busters, Jake vs. Andre, Blue Blazer vs. Mr. Perfect, Rude winning the IC title in a shocker and the epic main event that paid off the Mega Powers storyline. My strategy worked how I hoped it would and I got a really fun, historically significant show to boot.
  11. No Mercy 2002 – I love both the Angle & Benoit vs. Edge & Mysterio match for the newly formed WWE tag titles and the gory HIAC match between ‘Taker and Brock. The Triple H & Kane stuff with the Katie Vick angle is some of the worst stuff to air on WWE TV, but it ain’t boring. I think this was one of the better secondary PPVs on the board and as a tag team enthusiast I wanted to grab this show for that match.
  12. Survivor Series 1997 – I waited on Survivor Series and while there are better Survivor Series shows, there’s not one with more historical significance that 1997. The Shawn vs. Bret match was looking to be quite good before… well, you know.
  13. NXT Takeover WarGames – This was the Takeover I wanted, but I was getting nervous as there was a run on Takeovers this round. Luckily, it was still there. I really liked Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream, Ember Moon’s title victory and Almas vs. Drew, but the WarGames match stole the show and made this the Takeover I was targeting.
  14. SuperBrawl IV – I kicked myself for missing out on SuperBrawl II and Beach Blast ‘92, but it just didn’t work out.  I wanted to catch up and grab a WCW show and they were on a hot streak in ‘94. This show features a good six-man with Austin, Rude & Orndorff vs. Sting, Pillman and Dustin in the Thundercage , a nice brawl between Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. the Nasty Boys (though they had better matches),  a very good Arn Anderson vs.Steven Regal match and a good Flair vs. Vader match also in the Thundercage.
  15. Royal Rumble 2018 – I really enjoyed both Rumble matches from 2018. The men’s match struck the perfect balance of trolling the audience teasing, Cena,  Reigns, Finn and Nakamura being the final four, before the WWE finally gave the crowd a winner they were hoping to see in Nakamura (we won’t talk about how the matches with Styles turned out, on this night it was a great moment.) The women’s Rumble might’ve been even better, with a great mix of nostalgia acts with current stars. It was great action, Asuka winning was the right call (again, we won’t talk about how it ended up) and the debut of Ronda Rousey afterwards was a huge moment (even if all she did was awkwardly point at the sign.) The undercard was forgettable, but I love the value to get this show in the 15th round and fill out my Rumble slots.
  16. No Way Out 2000 – We paused after round 15 because it fell around WrestleMania, so I knew I had the second pick when we resumed, and I was determined to fill my last Survivor Series slot after waiting one pick when we resumed. Then Neil took Survivor Series 1992 with that one pick. I didn’t like any other Survivor Series at this spot, so I went with the best secondary PPV on the board IMO, and snagged No Way Out 2000. Getting Cactus Jack and Triple H in the Cell and plenty of other solid matches to set up WM 2000 (Angle vs. Jericho, Hardys vs. Edge & Christian) give me tremendou value here, I think.
  17. WrestleWar 1990 – I really wanted to get a lot of value out of my WCW picks a priority. I’d missed on some of the higher-end shows, and didn’t want to risk losing WrestleWar ‘90 by waiting any longer. I’m a sucker for Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Midnight Express matches and this show may have their best match, as well as a very good Luger vs. Flair match. Those two matches make this show a bit of a hidden gem to me, and help me try to load up on some WCW shows.
  18. SummerSlam 2009 – I needed to finish out my SummerSlams and consider 2009 to be the best on the board. I really liked the main event TLC match between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. The DX vs. Legacy tag is really good and the undercard is solid, so I was happy to grab this SummerSlam in the 18th round.
  19. Survivor Series 2007 – Still needing to fill my last Survivor Series slot, I had hoped to grab Survivor Series ‘90, but Neil beat me to that one too (I guess his love of the Gobbledy Gooker surpasses mine.) So I took the Survivor Series I had highest on my board, and that was 2007, featuring a really good Michaels vs. Orton match  and another very good Undertaker vs. Batista Hell in a Cell match.
  20. Uncensored ‘98 – This show gives me the excellent DDP vs. Benoit vs. Raven match and Jericho vs. Malenko in their ongoing storyline. It’s a highlight of the WCW period where they were transitioning from their highest highs to their lowest lows, but could still pump out some good stuff. This gives me good diversity among my WCW shows and fills my WCW slots, so in the last third of this draft I can go for best value, as I just need to fill flex slots, secondary PPVs and ECW.
  21. Starrcade 1986 – Here I use one of my flex spots to grab another WCW (or rather NWA) show because I think there’s value there and value in diversity of time periods and promotions. I love that Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Andersons cage match and the Flair vs. Nikita Koloff main event is really good, as well. I’m happy to grab an important show with the old-school NWA gritty feel this late into the draft.
  22. Invasion – The Invasion angle may not have turned out that great, but excitement was through the roof for this PPV in 2001, which was reflected in the record buy-rate. It had really good in-ring action as well, with RVD and Jeff Hardy putting on a show for the Hardcore title and the main event was a very good match, before the bewildering Austin turn. The Invasion angle may have puzzled us later, but this was a very historically significant show that delivered in the ring, so I grabbed it up.
  23. WrestleWar 1989 – This is a total one-match show, of course, but when that one match is one of the Flair-Steamboat trilogy from 1989, I’m happy to grab it in the 23rd round. I had hoped to use my flex picks to grab an extra SummerSlam, but I missed out on 1993 and then 1999, which were the two I was targeting. So I’m turning my attention to continuing to fill  my secondary PPVs and flex picks with shows that are historical or memorable, even if it’s just for one match, and WrestleWar ‘89 fit the bill.
  24. No Way Out 2004 – As I mentioned before, by this point I’m looking for shows that have something historical or memorable and Eddie Guerrero’s WWE title win over Brock Lesnar certainly fits the bill. It was a great match, as well, sure to appear on my 100 Greatest WWE Matches list on PTBN (thumbs up, cheap pop!) And it wasn’t a one-match show, it also had Jamie Noble vs. Nidia! Ok, well there is a Angle vs. Cena vs. Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero match, both of which are fine, but I took this pick for the great match and better moment of Eddie’s big win. Viva La Raza!
  25. Elimination Chamber 2014 – I filled out my secondary PPV slots by taking the Elimination Chamber 2014. This is mostly due to the fantastic Shield vs. Wyatt Family match that I think is one of the most iconic and unique matches the company has had in a long time. It also features an Elimination Chamber match that continues the Daniel Bryan storyline, as he marches toward WrestleMania XXX. And with all my secondary PPV slots filled I can look for max value with my remaining flex picks.
  26. TNA Unbreakable 2005 – I was really surprised to see this show still on the board in round 26. I had to jump on it, mostly for the tremendous A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe match for the X-division that most people consider the best match in TNA history and I believe remains the only five-star rating Meltzer gave to TNA, for whatever that’s worth. That match is one of the better three-way (wrestling)  matches you’ll see and harkens back to a time I was optimistic TNA could provide an alternative to WWE. Yes, I do feel dumb typing that in 2019, why do you ask?
  27. Extreme Rules 2016 – Remember when Hannibal from the A-Team used to say “I love it when a plan comes together?” Well, he never had to deal with Steve Riddle derailing that plan by stealing his pick. I had been eying St. Valentine’s Day Massacre for several rounds, wanting to grab something from the hot 1998-1999 WWF timeframe, but Steve grabbed it last round. Still, making due with Extreme Rules 2016 and the great Roman Reigns vs. A.J. Styles match and the four-way IC title match the Miz, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, is a helluva (kick) consolation prize. My strategy on flex picks continues to evolve, as I thought there was value in some secondary PPVs, particularly this one, giving me two very good matches and another card from the modern era, which I may have been a bit thin at.
  28. ROH Man Up 2007 – So Riddle did it to me again, as I had my eye on One Night Only to finish off my flexes, but he grabbed it before I could. There were still some good secondary PPVs out there, but to me none were as good as Ring of Honor’s Man Up ‘07 effort that featured a great Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico ladder match, an excellent Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima for the ROH title and solid matches throughout the undercard. Another reason I wanted to grab an ROH show was as a bit of a “lifetime achievement award,” as ROH DID fuel my fandom as an alternative to WWE, though most of those shows were before the company was doing PPVs (think the wonderful 2004-2006 ROH timeframe.) And with my last flex pick I wanted to go a bit off the grid and couldn’t think of a better option than ROH’s Man Up.
  29. Anarchy Rulz 2000 – I never watched ECW during its original run due to it never being on at a decent timeslot in the Midwest and I guess not being aware of its existence. So, I really don’t have the knowledge or emotional connection to ECW, and as a result, made the conscious decision to hold off on my ECW picks until the last two rounds. The ECW shows were like the kickers and defense of a fantasy football team, due more to my lack of knowledge and connection than to any quality or lack thereof on the part of ECW shows. I didn’t want to invest any research efforts or early round picks on ECW shows, so I get Anarchy Rulz 2000 here, for better or worse.
  30. November to Remember 2000 – See my previous comments on the ECW shows. Were they still using November Rain as the theme to these in 2000? I love Guns n’ Roses so I hope so. This card looks pretty bad to me on paper, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers when you wait until the last two picks. Overall, I had a blast with this project and am mostly happy with my picks.

    Thanks for reading and if you haven’t checked out the full draft results, please do so and vote for best draft!

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