PTB Classic: J.J. Dillon Interview

As part of a new retrospective look at the best episodes of The Place to Be Podcast, we kick things off with a fantastic interview with J.J. Dillon. This originally aired as Place to Be Podcast episodes 189 and 194. The interview has been combined and re-edited as part of PTB Classic.

They talk about JJ’s time breaking into the business, his travels around the world, his relationship with fans and other wrestlers, some road anecdotes, the formation, rise and fall of the Horsemen and a very emotional story of his reunion with Dusty Rhodes.

We then continue with JJ’s transition to the WWF office, his role in the company, relationship with Vince McMahon, the steroid trials, JJ’s departure for WCW, his relationship with Eric Bischoff, thoughts on Chris Jericho & Goldberg, plus much more. JJ also wraps with a very emotional story about his reunion with McMahon at the 2012 Hall of Fame ceremony.