Pro Wrestling Love #5

Episode #5: Marty Sleeze & Jerome/El-P bring it home on the fifth volume of Pro Wrestling Love with their Top 5 TNA/Impact Wrestling Matches. It is AJ Styles Galore! Marty tries to understand why wrestling fans didn’t like AJ initially even though he has been great since day 1! They break down the differing psychology against Daniels, Abyss and Samoa Joe! But first Marty/Jerome breakdown the very special uniqueness of Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle Lockdown match.  Marty selects a surprise pick for Greatest TNA Match! Jerome keeps it classic selecting a match from the feud he has dubbed the TNA version of “Misawa vs Kawada”, AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels! We had a ton of fun discussing all these matches & workers; we hoped you all enjoyed it too!