Pro Wrestling Love #38: WWF 1978-1887, Part 3

A True Titan of Wrestling, Kelly Nelson comes back for his third dose of Pro Wrestling Love with Marty “Superstar” Sleeze discussing the Top 25 Best World Wrestling Federation matches to take place between 1978-1987.  Vince, TK, somebody please hire Kelly Nelson as a booker as he lays out perfect booking psychology in the middle of the show. Marty delivers his PHD dissertation on Bob Backlund psychology using the Hulk Hogan match as an example. Kelly lays out the history of iconic feuds such as Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Wonderful (Rest In Peace) and Greg Valentine vs Tito Santana. Hart Found & British Bulldogs eat your hearts out…it is the Jumping Bomb Angels & The Glamour Girls! All this & much, much more in episode 38 of Pro Wrestling Love!