Pro Wrestling Love #33: Best of Glam Metal, Part 3

Good ‘Ol Will from Texas, Catch Ryan Fever and Marty Sleeze take it to a whole new level to spread the Heavy Metal Love counting down their Top 25 Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal songs of all time! Will goes on the most hilarious rant ever recorded on a Marty Sleeze show bringing up Associates Degrees, crying out Joan of Arc’s name in the middle of the night and Keel!

Ryan tells funny stories from his IG page, Icons of Wrestling and how everyone wants to send The Rock ugly hats! Marty gets technical trying to break down the glam metal sound and how it evolved by emphasizing different aspects of its influences: Judas Priest, Van Halen, early 70s British Glam Rock and the more rock & roll sounds of Aerosmith/Stones. It all comes back to Will with another hilarious, combustible story of an Alice Cooper concert, a lighter and Aquanet! It is thick cut slab of heavy metal! Check it out and enjoy!