Pro Wrestling Love #31: The Best of Glam Metal, Part 1

Marty Sleeze welcomes Good ‘Ol Will From Texas and Ryan from Chicago to discuss the greatest musical genre of the 20th Century: Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal right here on the Place To Be Nation. What binds the three of them together is a love of pro wrestling and some righteous hair! Will is effusive with his love of Twisted Sister proving he is an SMF. The greatest Onion headline will always be “Twisted Sister Finally Agrees To Take It”.  Ryan tells a true 80s sleaze story of walking in some action between his friend’s parents. Marty sticks with the popular bands, but throws in one oddball pick much to the chagrin of Will & Ryan, which will become a trend in future episodes. It is the most bitchin’ glam metal songs of all time…click, download and get ready to have your face melted!