Pro Wrestling Love #28: The Best of WWE 2010-14, Part 3

Pro Wrestling Love coming at you through these electromagnetic airwaves straight into your ear with Stacey & Marty bringing you the very best of WWE between 2010-2014. It is the NXT show: Charlotte vs Nattie, Zayn vs Cesaro, Zayn vs Neville and Regal vs Ohno! Stacey and Marty both bring the Mark Henry love with two different high ranking World’s Strongest Man matches. Marty talks his favorite Randy Orton insults of all time…World’s Strongest Failure and Devil’s Favorite Dumbass. At the end of the show, Marty turns heel at the end of the podcast. Does his friendship with Stacey survive or is this the end of Pro Wrestling Love? Only one way to find out, click the link, download and enjoy the Pro Wrestling Love!