Pro Wrestling Love #27: The Best of WWE 2010-14, Part 2

Stacey aka Jimmy Redman is back for more joining Marty Sleeze on a jam-packed episode of Pro Wrestling Love discussing the very Best of WWE 2010-2014 on this Memorial Day Weekend. Stacey goes full Stacey with an excellent breakdown of Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly and we get some bonus love for Nattie vs Alicia Fox. Sit back & enjoy! Marty breaks down a couple forgotten gems in Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler and Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio. The latter of which Stacey turned Marty onto, but didn’t make her list, you know what they say kids, don’t meet you heroes. :p Stacey cant believe Marty chose to go see Motley Crue & KISS instead of John Cena vs CM Punk at Night of Champions 2012. When Marty finally watched it seven years later, he knew it was a draw finish, but left wondering if they instituted a special time limit for just this match. Then what would become a running thread throughout the show, Marty can’t figure out how to say Pyrrhic Victory. Crazy hi-jinx abound as Marty & Stacey yuck it up! Let s know what you think.