Pro Wrestling Love #21: Best of WWF 1988-97 Part 1

PWL Ep. 21 (WWF 1988-97 pt 1):  Pro Wrestling Love hosted by Marty “Superstar” Sleeze starts a new countdown by welcoming, Pete aka PeteF3 (PWO)/Machina25 (Twitter) to breakdown their Top 25 World Wrestling Federation Matches to take place between 1988-97. They start the show off with getting to know Pete, his origins as a wrestling fan, why they chose 1988-1997 as goalposts and they get over their natural disdain for one another as Pete is a Buckeye (BOOOOO!) and Marty is a Wolverine (Go Blue!). Marty makes a prediction that makes him look like a total dumbass at the beginning. They discuss their #25-#21 in this episode. They discuss topics such as 1996 Shawn Michaels hate, Bret as a sort of NWA travelling champion, the Heartbreaker vs the Hammer Jammer, the patterns of the WWF house show loop and an in-depth comparative analysis of angle development between Northern & Southern promotion. Give it a listen, let us know what you think, we would love to hear & keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love.