Pro Wrestling Love #20: 2000’s Japan Part 5

Happy WrestleMania Sunday! What’s the only thing bigger than two nights of WrestleMania? Pro Wrestling Love finishing its countdown of Top 25 Best Pro Wrestling Matches to take place in Japan between 2000-2009 on the Place To Be Nation, of course! Marty Sleeze aka Superstar Sleeze on PWO & Twitter is once again joined by Mike aka DaWho5 on PWO to complete their lists. Things kick off with an epic All Japan vs New Japan tag match that would have thought to have been unthinkable in the 90s. Mike delivers the goods with great in-depth analysis on Misawa vs Takayama. Marty Sleeze gives some love to originator of Pro Wrestling Love, Keiji Mutoh and the Mutoh Renaissance. BattlArts and FUTEN shine bright in the Top 5. Another three Kobashi matches are discussed, but does he have enough in the tank to get to #1? Or is he a bridesmaid? Marty and Mike agree on the Best Match to take place in Japan between 2000-2009 making it the Undisputed Greatest Match from Japan in 2000-2009 timeframe. You got to click the link, download and find out what it is.   Agree? Disagree? What was too high? Too Low? What was missed altogether? Let us know and keep on spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!