Pro Wrestling Love #16: 2000’s Japan Part 1

Pro Wrestling Love extends its stay in Japan after a thrilling mini-series on Shoot Style, Marty “Superstar” Sleeze welcomes Mike aka DaWho5 on the Pro Wrestling Only Forums to begin their countdown of the 25 Best Matches to take place in Japan between 2000-2009. Mike & Marty on the PWO forums back in 2013 when the Best of Japan 2000s project was all the rage and they are bringing their love for the time period to the airwaves. This is Mike’s first ever podcast so he introduces himself to the Place to be Nation audience. 90s All Japan comes up a lot as many wrestlers of the first decade of the new millennium seemed to be chasing that dragon. They discuss the feel good match of the decade, Kobashi’s return to the Budokan after defeating cancer and the emotion of that match. Mike breaks down an excellent heel vs heel match between Yoshihiro Takayama and Yoshinari Ogawa. Marty asks the philosophical question, “Does it count as selling if your eye is actually swelling?”. 

If you love puroresu, you wont want to miss this episode, check it out and enjoy. Let us know what you think!