Popcorn Chicken Salad – Home Alone 3

On Episode 8 of Popcorn Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Matt Souza, Logan Crosland and actual Shawn Kidd as they watch 1997s Home Alone 3.

Topics discussed include Shawn having many questions, many cheap plugs, lots of great value at the beginning, the hard R, Patricia Stewart, childhood and pandemic haircuts, stars of Gremlins 2, Shawn and The Female Spy, Logans insane scene knowledge, actress research, a catflap, known or hidden pets?, absurd car chases, Matt sings some Bowie again, 90s technology, building an igloo, Home Abone 69, old woman murders, Home Aloneication, Hart Bochner, some amazing wirework, Mob Boss Incorperated, Logan winning the grandparents name contest, horranus trampoline action, no one else being home and tagging Scarlett when this gets posted on Twitter.

Come for the concept but stay for the Kidd cut, its Popcorn Chicken Salad.