Popcorn Chicken Salad #6 – Little Nicky

On episode 6 of Popcorn Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Matt Souza as they sit through what may be Ben’s worst nightmare, the Adam Sandler ‘classic’ Little Nicky. Topics discussed include the radish of the salad family, the curtains haircut, the many voices (well 2) of Adam Sandler, comparing Little Nicky to Shakespeare, Hitler, SNL education, Ben turning up the volume to hear the Nicky voice, a very nice……………..collar, duelling Zeus impressions, a slight disagreement about Lord Of The Rings, Deidre Barlow/Bollocks, the weird lad, Logan having to tell people off at work, salad etiquette, not understanding emotions when you are a hellspawn, Matt’s perfect soundtrack, peppermint schnapps, Patrick Stewart, our favourite Nicktoons, the weirdest sentence Matt has ever said, The SCU, Jim Carey love, a very hache Reese Witherspoon, pillow fight techniques, ass in a flask, yet more Hitler, Logan missing his vocal cue and waiting for a blooper reel that never arrives.

Come for the concept but stay and find out if Ben makes it to the end of the movie, its Popcorn Chicken Salad.