Pop Goes To The Couch: GLOW Season 3

It’s pilot season, and Place To Be Nation POP joins the party with a brand new continuing podcast! As a small screen companion to Pop Goes to the Movies, each episode of Pop Goes to the Couch will spotlight a current series from the worlds of television or streaming media. On this premiere edition, the recently-dropped third season of GLOW deservedly takes the stage!

One good turn deserves another, so JT Rozzero, Jennifer Smith, and Tim Capel are back for another round of the popular Netflix original. With a colorful new setting and additional character introductions into an already-packed ensemble, we evaluate how well the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling adapted to the many changes thrown their way. The crew then lovingly delves into favorite characters, relationships, and sexual escapades (because of course). Finally, we give our picks for best overall episode, rank the seasons, and look ahead with hopeful optimism to a potential GLOW season 4. Join us in pushing Pop Goes to the Couch straight to the top!

In case you missed it, check out JT, Jenny, and Tim’s PopBlast breaking down GLOW season 2 at https://ptbnpop.podbean.com/e/ptbn-popblast-glow-season-two-recap/

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