Pop Goes The Classics – The Lion King (1994)

On the 28th edition of Pop Goes the Classics, Steve Riddle, Mirandia Berthold, and Andy Atherton embrace the Circle of Life as they discuss the 1994 hit, The Lion King. The trio talk about the many great aspects of the film including: the breathtaking Pride Lands; the voice-casting of the characters; the epic soundtrack of the film; whether Scar is truly one of the most underrated villains in Disney history; the trauma kids endured thanks to Mufasa’s death; Timon and Pumbaa: the greatest friends a lion could have; the importance of Nala; the lack of finishing the job by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed; the memorable hero’s journey that Simba takes, and if the combination of this film, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast is the greatest 3-film stretch in Disney history. So grab your grubs, kick back in the shade, and leave your worries behind as Steve, Mirandia, and Andy continue their trek through the Disney Renaissance. Hakuna Matata!