Pop Goes The Classics – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

On the thirtieth edition of Pop Goes the Classics, Steve Riddle, Mirandia Berthold, and Andy Atherton continue their trek through the Disney Renaissance by looking at the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The trio discuss all aspects of the film including: the dark tone of the film and staying true to the source material, the pure evilness of Judge Frollo, Quasimodo being one of the most sympathetic characters in history, whether Captain Phoebus is just Great Value John Smith or not, the beauty and kindness of Esmerelda, the importance of Hugo, Victor, and Laverne to Quasimodo, the forgotten soundtrack to the film, how the film would’ve worked if Cyndi Lauper and Meat Loaf were cast in the film, and if the film is really one of the more underrated films in history. So join Steve, Mirandia, and Andy as they move along through the history of Disney cinema.