Place to Be Podcast Episode 467: WWF House Show – Madison Square Garden 2/23/87

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Kelly Nelson are riding out the ice cold winter at the 2/23/87 Madison Square Garden house show!

The boys discuss Sal Bellomo’s Rocky Balboa cosplay, the arrival of Demolition, a nifty win for Koko B. Ware, the MSG debut of Butch Reed, the Hart Foundation’s first Tag Team Title defense in MSG, the rough debut of Outback Jack, the infiltration of Australian culture into the United States in the late 80s, the first MSG match for Jake Roberts as a face, a somewhat clean win for Honky Tonk Man, a massive, awesome six-man main event war, Roddy Piper’s MSG farewell and more, including end of show awards!

So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Kelly as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

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5 thoughts on “Place to Be Podcast Episode 467: WWF House Show – Madison Square Garden 2/23/87

  1. Good show as usual. Love the build to Mania III and seeing The Hart Foundation on top of the tag division just makes me smile. As for Death Before Dishonor, it falls into the category of “Crap I bought on DVD because the disc was cheap and I like the company that put it out”.

  2. Re: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport…

    Recorded by a (primarily UK-based) Australian TV entertainer, musician and artist called Rolf Harris, who was around for about 50 years and ended up in jail in England in recent years for historical child sex abuse. So it’s probably for the best that he’s dubbed off the Network…

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