Place to Be Nation’s Ultimate WrestleMania Draft: Round 8

The Basics: 

16 individuals drafted every main show match in WrestleMania history (along with Neville vs Austin Aries from WrestleMania 33 to keep things even). This gives each person a total of 20 matches selected. The draft was conducted snake style so the individual that had the 16th pick in the draft also had the 17th pick to start round two. Each round will have an individual post leading up to WrestleMania 34 and the draft will culminate in our own Mel Kiper (Brad Woodling) giving his opinions and draft grades for how each person did overall. Place to Be Nation will also be able to vote on their favorite draft overall.

Round 8:

Pick #113: Eddie Guerrero vs Test (WrestleMania 17) – Selected by Jennifer Smith

Another Hidden Gem contender and ranked #7 on the Best Miscellaneous Matches. This one is also a European Championship match so that seemed different.

Pick #114: The Rockers vs Twin Towers (WrestleMania 5) – Selected by JT Rozzero

Another all time favorite tag bout from 1989, I am a sucker for the perfectly executed big man vs. little man dynamic these two teams showcased. The Rockers bumped like mad men as the Towers chucked them all over the ring. The end is great too, with a hard hitting powerbomb followed by a 747 splash. This was on my “must have” list so I was relieved to land it.

Pick #115: John Cena vs The Big Show vs Edge (WrestleMania 25) – Selected by Tim Capel

Hey, the seemingly obligatory WM triple threat title match. Well, it’s also a John Cena title win, which seems sort of important. Fun little ditty of a match, too.

Pick #116: Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker (WrestleMania 33) – Selected by Chad Campbell

Here is a pick in retrospect I regret. I believed that Taker was done and now we see that is far from the case so the historical significance is lost on the match. That said, I don’t think the match is near as bad as it has been pegged by its biggest detractors even with it containing some brutal botches. I also wanted a Taker match on my show and this isn’t nearly as bad as many others.

Pick #117: Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio (WrestleMania 27) – Selected by Brian Bayliss

I feel you need solid matches in the midcard. This match told a simple yet effective story and had a good finish, even if the result was a mild surprise. Unpredictability is also something I value on a show.

Pick #118: Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Charlotte (WrestleMania 33) – Selected by Scott Criscuolo

On the big stage in Orlando, four of the best in the women’s division go all out, and what makes it better is the improbable Bayley actually retains her title instead of the expected Charlotte win.

Pick #119: The Shield vs Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show (WrestleMania 29) – Selected by Neil Trama

Here I wanted to grab a bunch of major stars in one fell swoop. I wish this wasn’t The Shield’s weakest PPV six man tag showing of all time but hopefully I can counterbalance that in everyone’s mind with the hot crowd for the opening slot.

Pick #120: Roddy Piper vs Goldust (WrestleMania 12) – Selected by Aaron George

On a card with 20 matches you need things that look different. The Backlot Brawl was completely unique in presentation and execution. Piper and Goldust stiff the shit out of each other, in this hate filled brawl. Since I don’t have Austin/Vega on the card you also lose some of the stupid stuff with the Ford Bronco. It gets another legend on the show with Piper and gets a legendary punch on the show that was DIRECTLY into the face of Goldust. Had zero expectation it would still be available.

Match time:    17 Mins

Show Time :   97 Mins

Pick #121: Kane vs Kurt Angle (WrestleMania 18) – Selected by Jordan Duncan

Picked mostly as a “best available” and was thinking about guys not on my card that I would like to get on there. Angle and Rock were at the top of my list for that, so I went with a decent Kurt Angle match and a great Kane match.

Pick #122: Leilani Kai vs Wendi Richter (WrestleMania 1) – Selected by Steven Ferrari

Maybe the most important women’s match in WrestleMania history, as the company was anointing Richter as a champion on the level of Hogan. It didn’t work out that way, but the energy in Madison Square Garden for this match – with Cyndi Lauper seconding Richter, who came to the ring to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (stupid WWE Network and licensing issues) – was rivaled only by Hogan.

Pick #123: The Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart & Yokozuna (WrestleMania 11) – Selected by Andy LaBar

Andy Pick: #8         Overall Pick: #123

I’ll go to my grave maintaining that the Smoking Gunns have been super undervalued in the since they disappeared and are twice the team in ring that the New Age Outlawz ever were. Feel good, country babyfaces and incredible athletes at the time, here they get to go up against two MASSIVE heels and incredible workers in their own rights, with two dastardly heels. This match is HOT, and Owen’s work in it is stellar. This is the type of mid-90s WWF I love, and the crowd of this show will love it too.

Pick #124: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy (WrestleMania 25) – Selected by Nick Duke

A lot of fans think of WrestleMania 25 as a one-match show, with Taker vs Shawn being that one match. However, I’d argue this extreme rules match was well built, and delivered once it got in the ring. Eventually his solo heel run would fizzle out, but it felt like Matt had taken a big step on this night.

Pick #125: Randy Savage vs Crush (WrestleMania 10) – Selected by Greg Phillips

This weird “Falls Count Anywhere” match has always been underrated. I had to get a Macho Man match, and this is a fun glimpse at the Crazy Old Man version of Macho.

Pick #126: The Rockers vs The Orient Express (WrestleMania 6) – Selected by Stacey O’Louglin

Gotta have some tag team action on here. This isn’t the most memorable Rockers tag ever, but even an average Rockers match is pretty enjoyable and they have good chemistry with the Orient Express. A fun short tag match.

Pick #127: King Kong Bundy, Little Tokyo & Lord LIttlebrook vs Hillbilly Jim, Haiti Kid & Little Beaver (WrestleMania 3) – Selected by Todd Weber

I love this match unapologetically, even if it’s politically incorrect as all hell. I bear no love for hillbillies in life or in wrestling, however this match makes my card for the unforgettable imagery of King Kong Bundy splashing little people. This is definitely an all-time Mania moment, even if we dare not speak of it these days.

Pick #128: Battle Royal Open Invitational (WrestleMania 2) – Selected by J Arsenio D’Amato

A sheer spectacle with the Fridge and also Bruno Sammartino’s only in ring action at Mania.

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