Place to Be Nation’s Conversation: Comics! with Stephanie Holly Part 2


Place to Be Nation’s Conversation: Comics! is a new comics interview show featuring host Todd Weber and guests from the wide spectrum of the comics industry from pros to retailers to bloggers, podcasters and fans.

This episode concludes Todd’s free-flowing talk with Stephanie Holly that goes all over the map and covers these topics (among others): Darwin Cooke,The Spirit,Social Media death etiquette, Captain Marvel casting, Eva Marie, 2011’s Green Lantern Movie,The Batusi Statues and collectibles, Spider-Gwen, Zatanna, the Justice League Dark movie, Comic Retail for fun and profit, Marvel Unlimited, evaluating the WWE Womens’ Division, SHO FUNAKI, Sideshow Collectibles, Sailor Moon, Frank Quitely, Customers from Hell, Watchmen, and Key Parties.