Paulie’s Perspective: The Menu (2022)

The Menu (2022)

Dir: Mark Mylod

Writers: Will Tracy; Seth Reiss

Starring: Ralph Fiennes; Anya Taylor-Joy; Nicholas Hoult


So there is this restaurant, on Hawthorne Island. The whole staff lives there, like in army barracks. The Chef, Ralph Fiennes, has his own house, which nobody is allowed into.

Yikes, right? So this place is super elite, super organic and all that good stuff. They grow all the food there, and cultivate all the protein for 152 days – everything is strict and perfect.

Chef invites everyone personally to his dinners. He invites the upper class, the egomaniacs, the pompous and the arrogant. The people who flaunt their money and their positions.  These include celebrities, actors, food critics, trust fund babies, old money, new money, hipsters, all that. He wants them all to come and enjoy his one of a kind exquisite food.

So this particular dinner, Chef decides to invite the worst of the worst, or the best of the worst, however you look at it, and decides to kill them all.

Well – wait – he’s not so bad because one of the rich kids had a girlfriend, and she cancelled, so he hired an escort because he didn’t want to go alone. Chef notices her out of the crowd immediately, and realizes she is not his target demographic.

So that’s our movie in a nutshell. It is weird, it is amusing and it is entertaining. Ralph Fiennes basically holds this entire film down as only he can, and it is great to see him in such a “juicy” role.  Get it? A role he could really “sink his teeth into”. ha ha!!

The writers here are not known for much, but this is a good premise and it is watchable, so there’s that.

The director Mr. Mylod is also from television. Shameless, Game of Thrones, etc. So nothing here is really “big” or “cinematic”. It plays like a nice tv special. Like a Twilight Zone meets Mission Impossible kind of thing.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays the odds out girl, who isn’t supposed to be there, and she plays it nicely. A tough, street smart hustler who knows how to get things. It becomes her vs Chef and all the other rich people are just hoping for the best.

If you enjoy Ralph Fiennes, this is a good watch for you. If not, I would say go watch Shameless or Game of Thrones. See ya next Thursday!  Thanks for reading.