Paulie’s Perspective: The Kids in the Hall (2022)

The Kids in The Hall (2022)

Creators / Writers / Stars:

Dave Foley; Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald; Scott Thompson; Mark McKinney

Directors: Kelly Makin; Aleysa Young

S1  (8 eps)  Amazon Prime

Starting way back in 1988, and creating over 100 episodes, The Kids In The Hall influenced a lot of comedy. Hailing from Canada, these kids took their name from something the legendary Sid Ceasar would say after a joke worked pretty well in his monologue:  “I got that one from the kids in the hall”. Clever and witty from the very beginning, this comedy troupe is one of legendary proportions.

Favoring the brave, bizarre and dark style of comedy over simple silliness, sunshine and rainbows, these kids have made an impression on the entire industry that still exists 34 years later.

They have created iconic characters in their original run, that some of them reprise in this new season, which is great to see. This season they are all a bit older, the hair is being lost (Kevin) or turning white (Dave and Mark) but they have not lost a single step of who they are and what they love to do, in all this time.

These 8 episodes are just as sharp, poignant and funny as any of their older stuff if not more so. I think they are more focused, they actually want to do this, and most importantly, they have something to say and they say it in a way that only The Kids In The Hall can.

From a Doomsday radio DJ who is one of the last people alive on the planet with only one record to play over and over again, to Buddy Cole touring his old neighborhood in NYC and finding “the last glory hole”.  These Kids are still a true reflection of how we feel and how our world is going, even though now they are just a bit older, as we are.

They still see things in their own unique way, their social commentary is as accurate and as cynical as ever, yet since Canadian, they do it in a loving way. These guys still have a lot to say, it’s important they say it, and it’s more important that we see it.

I am so glad these kids are back, these kids are funnier than ever, more serious than ever and as brilliant as ever. Let’s hope Amazon brings them back for a few more seasons.