Paulie’s Perspective: Spielberg To Netflix

“These streaming services will ruin the theatrical experience!” or how about this one “digital streaming content should not be eligible for Oscars!” and then came this one, “Netflix offered me how much?!”

Yes – it was bound to happen, Netflix nabbed the almighty Spielberg. The Spielberg with two Oscars for Best Director and who used to be more of an enemy to Netflix than Lex Luthor was to Superman. 

He kept them out of the Oscar race for a while, but Netflix would not be denied. Their content was good enough that they crept in, and now for good measure – they bagged the big man. Yes Spielberg is now with Netflix – along with Martin Scorsese and Adam Sandler and some other big boffo names. In fact – I would not be a bit surprised if Netflix soon had their own awards and their own award show!  And the Netflix Award for Best Director goes to – 

I think now every single big time Hollywood boffo who has the ear of the Academy Awards – is in bed with Netflix. Netflix can not be seen as some cheap meat grinder who releases streaming content to the masses anymore. They have the best of the best of who ever picked up a camera on their payroll.  It might be just in time too. 

Disney+ is gaining on Netflix, HBOMAX is gaining on them, Paramount+ is gaining on them. Netflix used to be 65% of the streaming universe, now it is done to 50%. So yea, they gotta worry a little bit. Especially since the others are producing content that are winning awards as well. 

Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment have signed a deal to produce multiple features a year. This deal with Netflix does not conflict with his deal with Universal, so he still has his foot in the Hollywood door – which I’m sure has everyone breathing a deep sigh of relief. He didn’t completely flip to other side. 

We wonder though – did he do it to buy another mansion in Malibu? Did he do it because Universal was giving him some push back for his future projects? Was he just bored and wanted to do something zany to impress his 7 kids who are in their mid 20’s and mid 30’s now? I mean they are at that age where hooking up with Netflix would be kinda cool – and we know he always listened to this kids throughout his career. “Hey Dad – why don’t you be hip and sign with Netflix so we can buy that extra mansion in Malibu near Zuckerberg”  Imagine if Spielberg was doing this to get closer to Zuckerberg?  Oh Lord. 

I don’t think we’ll ever know why he did it – my hope is that he did it for creative freedom – but seriously, who says no to Spielberg? I can guarantee you he talked to George Lucas about this move – and I can only imagine what Lucas had to say. Maybe Lucas will join Netflix next! I mean why not – complete creative freedom – no more Star Wars to do – I’m sure he is getting bored with his $64 Billion dollars by now. I can see the two of them now hosting the Netflix Awards show. “And the Netflix Award goes to…”