Paulie’s Perspective: Saltburn (2023)

Saltburn (2023) 2hr 11m

Dir / Writer: Emerald Fennell

Starring: Barry Keoghan; Jacob Elordi; Rosamund Pike

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by Paul Bernardo

Barry Keoghan is from The Banshees of Inisherin fame. He created quite the eccentric character there and in this film, he does no different.

Emerald Fennell is a British actress who writes and directs. She has directed only 2 films prior – but has a lot of writing acclaims. Emerald has won an Oscar for her writing, and some awards for her acting – so she knows what she’s doing.

Casting Barry in this film, and in this role of Oliver – is a brilliant choice. He can be scruffy, dashing, strong, weak, daring and shy all at once. Barry can switch attitudes and emotions at the drop of a hat, to conceal what his character is really doing, feeling and up to.

This film can be a bit hard to take at times. It has some pretty harsh stuff in it, sexually and mentally. It does not shy away from blood or nudity, which makes it quite memorable in your head, days after you watch it. It is a British film after all, but this is no Downton Abbey.

Everything here is expertly done, especially the

relationship dramas. The actors are all sublime here and give magnificent performances. Jacob Elordi as Felix, especially, shines in this film.

Jacob is the center of this film, and if you don’t like him, you’re not gonna like the film, at all. So his performance was absolutely pivotal and he came through with flying colors. Rosamund Pike also, is essential and does a wonderful job creating a character that you love to hate and adore at the same time. Archie Madekwe had a tough role, and he walked the tightrope very well indeed as well. His character was smug but also likable, which sometimes can be very hard to pull off.

You can tell all these actors had a very good sense of purpose of what their character were supposed to do and be, and that comes from a good director.

So hats off to Emerald. She has conquered England’s entertainment biz, let’s hope her success translates to America. I’d love to see more of her films from the across the pond.