Paulie’s Perspective: Name Changes & Re-Openings, Just Another Week of 2020

So another week in crisis and the entertainment world still keeps spinning ‘round. Kelly Preston dies from breast cancer at age 57, making the life of John Travolta even more painful. The poor guy has been through so much, you’d think he wouldn’t give a shit about his hair, but he does. 

 The Grandson of Elvis Presley, yes the real grandson of the real Elvis, Lisa Marie’s son, Danny Keough was found dead recently. Danny was only 27, and died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. So he shot himself. Elvis’s family just turned out to be one huge disaster. Thank God he died early, for him to go through all this with Lisa Marie and his grandson would have killed him off anyway. 

To prove that COVID 19 is worldwide, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has released a statement saying he has indeed contracted the disease. Amitabh will be hospitalized in Mumbai, India, let’s hope he gets better soon.

Movie theaters are now saying September could be the magic month where everything opens. Either way, Christopher Nolan’s TENET is just not going away. As the theaters move their dates, so does Nolan. He is absolutely hellhound to have his movie be the first big blockbuster back in the theaters. Tom Hanks could have done the same with Greyhound, but instead took AppleTV’s deal and had his film premiere on Friday, July 10th, on the small screen. 

Now let’s talk about the two big stories that are going on in the world today – not that the deaths of Kelly Preston and Danny Keough weren’t big news – but still – the big hoopla tidbits are the Washington Redskins abandoning the Redskins name, and Disney World re-opening during Florida’s worst COVID stretch it has ever had. 

July 11 2020, Disney World’s The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Park re-opened their doors and gates in the wild land of Florida during their worst outbreak period ever.  EPCOT and Hollywood Studios will open Wed, July 15. 

Florida reported over 15,000 new cases on Sunday, July 12 alone. They currently have a total of 270,000 cases with over 4,000 deaths directly due to the Coronavirus. Scary numbers indeed. 

Disney seems to be taking a nice cautionary approach to all this, however, so I’m not totally mad at them. They seem to have a plan. Parks are only letting in 30% capacity, which is great for wait times and maneuverability. All guests need reservations and tickets and must wear masks, employees must wear masks as well. 

Disney has been posting videos on all their digital platforms with workers wearing masks, simply saying, “Welcome Back”. The company is legally covering themselves with a COVID-19 warning on their website. 

“An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By visiting Walt Disney World Resort you voluntarily assume all risks related to the exposure to COVID-19. Help keep each other healthy.”

So I guess that covers their legal end to things. The Gov. is backing it, some people are all for it, and I know Disney is very eager to get back to making some money. This is the great experiment, so let’s see how it goes. I am happy that they are only filling 30% of the park to allow social distancing, and that masks are mandatory. 

The other big news story is the NFL Washington Redskins and their owner, Dan Snyder bowing to pressure to change the name of the team. Washington Redskins started out as the Boston Braves in 1932. The team changed it’s name to Redskins in 1933 and relocated to Washington DC in 1937. So the team has some history. However, with all these Confederate statues coming down and people wanting justice for everyone, some companies’s opinions landed on the side of the people. 

Federal Express, which has naming rights to the team’s stadium, and has a minority stake in the team, led the charge. FedEx wanted a name change for the team, and found some support for that idea with Nike and Pepsi. Amazon even stopped selling some of the team’s merchandise. Of course, everyone has conceded that Dan Snyder will not face any financial loss from this change, but on the contrary, a new name means new merchandise that all fans now have to buy. So if anything, the organization will receive quite the financial bump from all of this. Add that little tidbit to the fire and you got a team owner willing to accept change and a new name that is not so insulting. What the new name and logo will be at this time I do not know, but I did hear Warriors bounced around quite a bit. Washington Warriors has a nice ring to it, and hopefully won’t offend anybody. 

See ya next Thursday!

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