Paulie’s Perspective – Everything Is Super

Super Bowl Commercials

Many Super Bowl spots were fun to see, since the game itself was total dud. We had Amy Schumer hawking mayonnaise, which somehow suits her. The Boss Springsteen hawking Jeep – though saying nothing about Jeep, but politics instead. We had Matthew McConaughey hawking 3D Doritos, which I kind of enjoyed. Will Ferrell hating on Norway – which is something he should have gotten a haircut for or maybe at least dressed up. Travolta doing a weird dance on a lawn with no hair. Jon Cena giving the kiss of death to Mountain Dew, as he does with every single movie and commercial that he’s ever been in. Loveable Tracy Morgan in Rocket Mortgage. So many, too many to mention. I’ll just name my favs – Wayne’s World and the Jason Alexander hoodie.  There I said it. 


This year’s Super Bowl was something to see and to look forward to, because it was the year of Covid. It had to be something new, something different yet still entertain millions of people. The Weeknd had the guts to try it, and he is being rightfully praised for his performance. He put in 7 million dollars of his own money to do what he thought was great, and to entertain us all in a new way. Gone are the big stages, the young tweens running on and off the field, the spectacle of a live music show. Brought in was a new way, putting viewers at home first, giving them the spectacle instead of the fans at the stadium. 

The Weeknd started at the top of the stadium, worked his way down, through a hall of mirrors and ended up on the field full of dancers for his latest hit song, Blinding Lights.  It was different, it was bold, and he took on the challenge playing a mixed tape of hits – and I think it delighted everyone. 

Could this be the way moving forward? Who knows – the people in the stands pay far too much money for a ticket to not be thought of first – but maybe a compromise can be made for the future, or perhaps a whole new of doing a halftime show. Either way – it was The Weeknd who started us off. 


SNL could be hip again with the kids. Feb 6 telecast saw the host Dan Levy raise the ratings for SNL among the 18-49 year olds. That demographic has not been that large for SNL since Dave Chapelle hosted back in November. I guess Schitt’s Creek is paved with gold as far as SNL is concerned. The musical guest was Phoebe Bridgers, but no one is really giving her any credit for the peak. Congrats to Dan, it was his first time hosting, a stamp of certification of his celebrity and hope to see him in more things down the road. 

Superman is Strong

Superman & Lois is garnering some attention. CW, TNT, TBS and HBOMax all want to air it and share in it’s production costs. We all knew that Superman is a hot commodity but this is ridiculous. The CW is teaming up with streaming platforms and other channels to promote the hell out of a good thing. Superman and Lois will get tremendous exposure in all sorts of viewing ways – and let’s see if this trend develops in the months to come. 

Trailers I really loved during the Super Bowl – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and also Raya And The Last Dragon. These two really caught my eye and I can’t wait to watch them. 

Thanks for reading