Paulie’s Perspective – Entertainment Bits

Well I didn’t really want to comment on the Will Smith Slap, since every written word I read, I agreed with. So I felt my opinion was shared by most. It was a shame that it happened, but Will Smith won and he cried and Tyler Perry consoled him. When Medea herself cares enough to console you – you know you are a powerful man. 

Regardless, that was that, and Will has since retired from the Academy. What does that mean? Well it means he can’t vote for who gets an Oscar anymore. That’s it. He can still be nominated, and he can still win in the future. The only thing about resigning from the Academy is that he can not vote. He probably didn’t vote anyway, so no big whup. 

I would like talk about someone who deserved the Oscar, for Best Supporting Actor, Troy Kotsur, the deaf actor from the Best Picture winner, CODA. This man started acting in 1994 and has been doing Off Broadway plays for Deaf West Theater and The Fountain Theater ever since. He has talked about being barely able to get by, but clung to the profession he loved for dear life. A medium that is oversaturated to begin with, and being a deaf actor, very little work and opportunities.  So many things against him being a successful actor and yet he never gave up. I hope this award opens a lot of people’s eyes to his talent and I hope his struggles to make a living in acting, are over. 

Moon Knight 

Let’s talk about Moon Knight, since it’s brand new on Disney+. Oscar Isaac stars in this Marvel series and to be honest, I know nothing about the comic character. Knowing nothing about the comic I can’t really say if it’s “true” to form or not – but I can tell you I was very entertained. Oscar puts on an English accent, playing a character named Steven with a “v”, who resides in London, England. Ethan Hawke plays some kind of Spiritual Leader in some European small village that finds Steven filled with “chaos” inside of him. 

Steven is a nice guy who works at an Egyptian Museum’s gift shop. He knows a lot about Egyptian culture and icons and dreams of one day being a tour guide. (big dreams, I know)

Well things happen to Steven that are so far unexplained – but we do get to see the Moon Knight appear at the end of Eps 1, which is satisfying. Steven tends to black out often, waking up in different countries and in different situations. Apparently a voice in his head gives him direction and takes over his body when he is in trouble. So it’s kind of like The Hulk, but with a cape and a cool white suit. Thanks for reading and see ya next Thur!