Paulie’s Perspective – Emmy Predictions: Leading Actor/Actress In A Comedy

Hey Guys! Welcome back, we are continuing our look at the Emmy nods this year. I don’t know if there will be a crowd at the awards show, but I’m sure someone will be watching somewhere. So this week we are tackling the Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series.  Next week I am sure I will want to discuss Marvel’s Shang-Chi with you all, but for now, let’s try and get through the Emmy nods. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series 

Jason Sudeikis / Ted Lasso 

This show has become quite an inspiration for a lot of people and it has become beloved by athletes as well.  I think it’ll be a standard in this category for a long time to come even though I did not like him on Saturday Night Live or We Are the Millers or Horrible Bosses. The guy just always comes off as smug to me and rubs me the wrong way. Even so, Ted Lasso seems to be his home, where he’s comfortable and where people love him the most. Will he win, probably, but I will not be happy about it. The show is fresh, it’s new and the athletes and social media took to it. It’s not offensive, so it’s a good safe victory for the Academy. 

Anthony Anderson / Black-ish 

The Ol’ Standard.  Always dependable, the show has a consistency to it, it tries to be smart and clever. Black-ish is a respectable TV series with the high quality of standards and looks good on the diversity list. Mr. Anderson has done everything on television from Law & Order to broad comedy, he has shown he can do it all on a high level, and he has earned the right to be on this list year after year. I just think he’ll always be the Bridesmaid and never the Bride. 

Michael Douglas / Kominsky Method 

Going on Season 3 at Amazon, Kominsky has switched focus from the great Alan Arkin to the great Kathleen Turner, Mike’s co-star from the two Romancing The Stone movies. Is it great to see the two icons back working together again? Absolutely. This kind of twist gives it a nice breath of fresh air and the show may very pick up its fourth Emmy this year. 

William H Macy / Shameless 

This show has grown long in the tooth and the win may be a “goodbye and thank you” Emmy Award. I have not seen the last season, I, like America, stopped watching when Fiona (Emmy Rossum) left the show. Fiona was the glue, the parent, the fixer, the one that mattered most. When she left, the show just kind of fell to shambles.  However, for 10 years, the very talented Mr. Macy gave the show credibility, weight and amazing support. This award could be a thank you from the industry for him lending all of himself to a tv show, when he was already a big movie star.  

Keenan Thompson / Keenan 

A show he got after 10 years of being so reliable on Saturday Night Live. This show also stars the iconic Don Johnson. I have not seen it nor am I a fan of Keenan Thompson. He’s always played a solid supporting character on Saturday Night Live but I don’t know if he’s a great leading man or a leading actor. I think he’s built more for the support of a comedy show but we shall see. This could change a lot of things if he wins this award or he could become a regular nominee that shows up year after year like he has been doing on SNL. 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Aidy Bryant / Shrill 

This I have not heard about it nor seen.

Jean Smart / Hacks 

This show fresh, new, exciting and is making waves and people seem to really enjoy it. I would say Jean is the front runner for sure. People were talking about her amazing work from HBO’s Mare of Easttown, I think this will give them a chance to show their appreciation. 

Allison Janney / Mom 

A very broad nationally televised sitcom that has gone through some cast changes recently and seems to be teetering on the brink of disaster. Any work done here is just plain run of the mill. 

Kaley Cuoco / Flight Attendant 

I honestly had no idea it was a comedy series when I watched it. Kaley is a producer on it, so it seems like she wanted to be in a detective novel or something and found this story to put herself in. It is not only confusing but she is still playing that character from Big Bang. 

Tracee Ellis Ross / Black-ish 

The Ol’ Standby quality show that is a great for the diversity list. It is a people pleaser and everyone loves the show – we’ll see if that carries over to Tracee’s win.

Thanks for reading this week, come by next week and see what I got for you all. I can be reached here.  Thanks for joining me!