Paulie’s Perspective: Dahmer (2022)

Dahmer: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Created by: Ian Brennan; Ryan Murphy

Starring: Evan Peters; Richard Jenkins; Penelope Ann Miller



This is a 10 episode mini series on Netflix. It has been getting a lot of buzz, and it is disturbing. Not disturbing, like Silence of the Lambs – this is disturbing like, “he did what?!”. Like, crazy disturbing. Like drinking Pepsi Clear, disturbing.

Evan Peters plays Jeffery Dahmer and he is amazing. You actually kind of like the guy, from the way Evan plays him. Richard Jenkins plays his dad, Richard of course is the dad in Step Brothers, so – he’s good at playing a crazy parent.

You got Molly Ringwald playing the stepmother, and Michael Learned from The Waltons, playing Jeffrey’s grandmother, whom he lives with for quite some time.

This cast is top notch – and this show is top notch. I hated every minute of it, but I wanted to watch more. Crazy right?

They do a good job of switching back and forth in Jeffrey’s timeline, to show how it all got this far. Until he goes the jail – then that is just straightforward storytelling, and it works so very well,

The episodes are about 48 min long, which is a great length – I know some shows go the full hour and you are just exhausted from it. This puppy is just the right amount of time where when it ends you go – “mmm, why not?” and watch the next one.

At the end they include the decision about what to do with his brain, which was interesting. The show also briefly includes two other serial killers, Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy.  All were about the same time, so it was just making social commentary, but wow. Still shocking stuff.

So this show moves along very quickly and it portrays Dahmer in such a way that he can be likable. I know a lot of critics were upset that females found Evan hot and sexy in the portrayal of Dahmer. This show does not make him into a character that you despise – he actually fills the screen nicely and carries the series beautifully.

The disturbing thing is not Dahmer’s nature, but his actions, which are beyond gruesome. Yet it shows his very beginning, in the womb of a mother who hated every minute of her pregnancy and every minute of motherhood.

Dahmer is very interesting, and riveting and disturbing. A fantastic cast and great storytelling, it’s an addictive watch, even if you don’t like this sort of thing. Catch me next week guys, and thanks for reading!