Paulie’s Perspective: Confess Fletch (2022)

Confess Fletch (2022)

Dir: Greg Mottola

Writers: Greg Mottola; Zev Borrow; Greg McDonald (book)

Starring: Jon Hamm; Caitlin Zerra Rose; Roy Wood Jr.


Okay so look – Greg directed Suberbad (2007), and Paul (2011) yes that Superbad with Jonah Hill and Cera and that Paul with the little alien in the RV with Seth Rogan’s voice.

So Greg is no slouch, and he knows funny. Jon Hamm, same – no slouch, knows funny. Yet somehow – this is not funny. You can see where the jokes are, they just don’t work. I think this film needed a Judd Apatow to shout some improv off set to make things funny, because it feels like it’s that close to being funny.

I think we all know Fletch. The character Chevy Chase made famous, and rightfully so. Hamm tries his luck with this character, but this time, plays it straight. No funny disguises or accents or making a fool of himself. He plays Fletch straight, no physical comedy, no wigs, no phony mustaches, nothing.

When Fletch plays a character that is not the Fletch we are used to – it is a let down. Fletch needs to be an idiot, because everyone in the movie calls him an idiot. So when Hamm plays him straight – I asked myself – why are they all calling him an idiot. When Chevy played Fletch, I understood it. Chevy played him like an idiot, and people called him an idiot.

Hamm plays him with intelligence and integrity so the stupid one-liners just don’t land. You don’t get why detectives look at him funny after his stupid responses because Hamm still thinks he is an admiral in Maverick. I think Hamm would make a great detective or private investigator like Fletch, just not a stupid incompetent one. Hamm just does not come across that way, at all and never has.

The plot of the film is good and makes sense, and the bit players hold up their end of the film just fine. By the end you start liking Fletch anyway, even though there is this huge contradiction playing out. Hamm is very likable and his characters turn out that way whether he wants them to or not. I think Fletch was a comedic stretch Hamm was just not ready to play or didn’t know how to play. I would watch it again. He is not an aspiring basketball star in this one, but you end up loving him anyway, even if he wasn’t 6’9” with the afro.  Thanks for reading, see ya next week.