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Today we are going to talk about the craziness of celebrities. 

Britney Spears, the Framing of Britney Spears documentary and the #FreeBritney movement. 

Elliot Page / Ellen Page and her absolute tragedy of becoming a famous actor. 

Ellen Page was 20 years old when Juno came out. Old enough to know things, right? Knives are sharp, fire is hot, major movies directed by a legendary director’s son will be seen by everyone, those kinds of things right? Pretty much common sense. Juno came out 2007, and an even bigger movie, Inception directed by Christopher Nolan of Batman fame, came out in 2010. 

Elliot describes the ascension into fame and fortune as “agonizing” and “scarring”. “I had a really tough time with the press and expectations”  Really? You had no idea that the movie business was in the media field? No idea at all? No idea that doing movies meant dealing with press?  I am shocked. I had no idea! 

This kills me. I appreciate the fact that Elliot / Ellen Page was going through an identity crisis and a gender crisis – but to say that your millions of dollars brought you agony and scarring is a bit of a slap in the face to everyone who can’t eat that day or pay rent that month and still go through what you went through. 

There are people who do not have money – a lot of people, who suffer the exact same identity crisis and gender issues. This is not isolated to Elliot / Ellen Page. The fact that he/she has it better than most of the people in that crisis should bring a bit more comfort, and a bit more compassion to everyone else fighting that exact same battle but have no money to do anything about it, like Ellen/Elliot does. 

Another thing that makes me irate – is this whole Britney Spears debacle. 

Facts- Britney went absolute psycho on ex-husband Kevin and her kids. So much so, a judge awarded her father to be put in charge of her two conservatorships. Britney was deemed and documented as so unfit – the court granted two conservatorships – one for Britney personally, the other for Britney’s estate / finances. 

Courts do not hand these out lightly – at all – and they hardly ever overturn them. A sick person is a sick person and that is usually the end of it. Britney proved she could not handle herself nor her finances so the court stepped in.  Just because Britney has not gone crazy and attacked people with an umbrella in a few years does not mean she is better.  Fans and celebrities have started a #FreeBritney movement – but free Britney from what? She has professionals taking care of everything for her – what exactly are all these people upset about? 

The fact that Britney has not gone off the rails in years is proof this conservatorship is working. She was a complete disaster before it happened and now she’s not. I would say that’s an improvement. She said she didn’t want her dad to run everything – well Dad stepped down in 2019, from her personal conservatorship, and a bank took joint control with her estate. So Britney is free of her father – and fans should be okay with that. 

And before you say she was under uniquely tremendous stress with all those people taking pictures of her – Reese Witherspoon was in the same exact situation. She got divorced the same time Britney did – they both had two kids – they were both hounded to the extreme by photogs – “Ask my kids – we had photogs climbing on the roofs of our cars and everything.” – Reese.  Reese handled it just fine – Britney was literally sent to a psych ward.  Red flag that says Britney is not good at handling things by herself, at all. 

I’m sure Britney wants to be in charge of things independently, without supervision – but she has proven time and time again that she can not handle it.  I would agree with the courts that this is the best thing for her, it has kept her out of the tabloids, and let her lead a life without tirades, without violent episodes, without shaving her head – so I believe this is in her best interest, and yes I did see the documentary.  

Thanks for suffering through my rant. I try not to do those, but these two things I just had to say something. 

Thanks for reading – see ya next Thurs! 

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