Paulie’s Perspective: Bad Times All Around

So this weekend in Hollywood, there was another bit of a shocker. Downton Abbey pulls in a huge score with over $31 million, and Rambo: Last Blood landing the third spot, behind Ad Astra – a movie no one knows anything about.

Rambo seems to be getting quite the backlash review-wise and I think maybe it has hit a nerve. I have yet to see it, but Rambo fighting Mexicans probably isn’t the way to go right now, with basically every YouTube video being a mini-Rambo movie against minorities.

Besides the fact that Rambo is like 78 years-old, I think this last movie hits too close to home for everyone right about now.

What’s even more odd is that Downton Abbey is eating up the profits! A BBC television show making a huge splash in theaters – who knew?!

This week also saw the Emmy Awards – another host-less television event.  The big winner of course was HBO again, with Game of Thrones and its swan song; and BBC’s show Fleabag which won Outstanding Comedy series.

What I find really weird is that RuPaul won again for his Drag Race show – but it’s in a division called Best Competition Program. I mean his main competitor is America Ninja Warrior – where nobody says anything!! Of course he’s gonna win! 

HBO had two really good strong shows this year – Chernobyl and Game of Thrones – that both came up very big. Veep, in it’s final season, didn’t really bow out with a bang as hoped.  Veep garnered 9 noms instead of the usual 17 it normally gets. I guess it kind of puttered out. I still laughed though, that’s all that matters.

Netflix is quickly yipping at HBO’s heels and with the money they spend on original programming, rightfully so. HBO struck 137 nominations, Netflix struck 117. Not bad at all for a relative newcomer who doesn’t even have a channel on your tv.

Amazon Prime seems to be breaking through with its 47 noms this year – not quite at Netflix’s level but I’m sure it will achieve that number given time. Remember, they started out as a library.

AMC Networks which includes AMC, BBC, IFC, and Sundance got 26 nominations, so things could be worse for Amazon. 

What really is disturbing, is that without a host, this year’s Emmy telecast was the lowest rated show in history with 6.9 million viewers.  Last year was 10.17 million, the year before that was 11.30 million. So yea, the Emmy’s have a problem, and they better fix it fast, or they may not even be televised for much longer – and then who’s gonna watch RuPaul sashay down the red carpet.

Honestly with all these platforms, and YouTube videos, television is just getting lost among the mix, and with so much quantity now, I fear quality is plummeting quickly.  I mean, American Ninja Warrior was nominated for an Emmy! It’s an obstacle course!! 

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