Paulie’s Perspective: And Just Like That…

Creators: Michael Patrick King; Darren Star

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker; Cynthia Nixon; Kristin Davis


And just like that – here we are. Following once again the girls we fell in love with back in 1998. A little bit older, a little greyer, but still together and still have that strong bond. Well, some of them. 

Sex and The City ran on HBO from 1998 – 2004. Six glorious season with episodes that used to be a half hour each. They bickered over and pursued phone numbers, drinks, shoes, dresses, red carpets – I mean in a way, none of it seemed real. It was like a fantasy land in Manhattan that we all wanted to be a part of. Well, times have changed. The girls are back and the show is now 45 minutes per eps and is only available through a streaming platform! Imagine thinking about that back in 1998?  Or even 2004? Like Carrie kept saying in the first episode – “We can’t stay who we were.” And that seemed to be the point that the creators wanted to drive home here, for all the loyal viewers. Buckle up, because this is not your daddy’s Sex In The City. 

I don’t wish to give anything away – but I think we all know Kim Cattrall has had enough of this nonsense. Yes Samantha and Carrie were the main two girls and were the best friends forever kind of deal, well that’s all gone. Samantha apparently moved to London and wants nothing to do with the girls. She doesn’t respond to calls or texts and is just having a blast with her new life in London, England. 

Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) is pretty much exactly the same. Her two girls are growing up fast and she is still madly in love with her husband, Harry Goldenblatt. The family seems to living in a beautiful, rich bubble.

Cynthia Nixon is back as Miranda Hobbs, this time with a kick, since someone has to be exciting since Samantha left. Miranda has gone grey for now, and quite her corporate lawyer job to take up women’s civil rights. She is still happily married to Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) who needs a hearing aid now, and they have a son with a high sex drive – Brady. 

Now there is Carrie, the queen of the ball. She can still deliver those quick lines with precise comedic timing and can still dazzle and daze with her well written dialogue. Carrie, however, now has to deal with a podcast instead of a magazine, and is trying to fit in her new shoes with some kind of comfort. Speaking of shoes  – those seem to be no longer an issue or a never ending quest for her these days. Perhaps she grew out of it, or perhaps we just hadn’t gotten there yet, I dunno. 

The girls seem a lot less fixated on shoes, fashion and cosmopolitans now, and more so on just not going crazy caring for their family and figuring out what they really want to do in life. Yes – it’s reached that stage. Put the drinks down and focus. No longer do we make an entire episode about getting a new phone number with 212 area code – that seems extremely petty at this point in their lives. It seems like, and I could be wrong, Sex And The City just got real.