Off the Top Rope Podcast #16: AAA/IWC When Worlds Collide


0:00:30-0:01:30 – Introductions and welcoming back our least-welcome special guest, Mike’s Sinus Infection.

0:01:30-0:15:00 – It’s Raw talk. As the McMahons Turn, Mike being right about the Shield and RK-No, AJ and Kaitlyn, changes to the Payback card, and more.

0:15:00-0:19:30 – We talk about Rampage Jackson’s TNA debut, and what the podcast’s official response would be to Hulk Hogan becoming TNA Champion.

0:22:00-0:58:30 – Our show for the week is AAA/IWC When Worlds Collide. We talk about Lucha Libre, it’s US Exposure, as well as one of the best in-ring shows in wrestling history.

0:58:30-1:05:00 – We give a shoutout for an iTunes review, talk about our plans for the rest of the week, and reveal what show we’re reviewing next week (TNA Unbreakable 2005).