Off the Top Rope Podcast #14: SummerSlam 1994


0:00:00-0:04:00 – Intros, Announcements, and General Creepiness. We talk Mike’s new writing gig at Place 2 Be Nation, the new domain name,, and then things get weird.

0:04:00-0:18:30 – Raw talk aka BRAY WYATT BRAY WYATT BRAY WYATT. We also go into just why the Shield has gotten stale, how WWE is sabotaging Curtis Axel, and why the Punk-Jericho match at Payback will absolutely happen.

0:18:30-0:23:00 – Impact stuff. How an average at best show was saved by a very good ending segment, and where the AJ Styles angle goes from here.

0:23:00-0:30:00 – NXT talk, especially the future of WWE Developmental, and we correct our mistakes by naming MVP and LVP to last week’s Money in the Bank 2011 Episode.

0:32:30-1:23:30 – SummerSlam 1994. Leslie Neilsen, 2 Undertakers, possibly the greatest cage match of all time, a woman’s match that was not only great, but the crowd was really into… and then Mable, obvious swerves, Walter Payton’s Razor Ramon Shirt and much more. We also talk about our upcoming Top Rope Supplemental, which show we’re reviewing next week, Survivor Series 2002, and more!