Off the Top Rope Episode 41: Mayhem 2000



In this episode, we feel cursed, as it takes two nights to record. We start with the Daniel Bryan show, we mean Raw, and talk about the unification this Sunday, the way Raw finished, and if the Slammys largely dampered the go-home show for the pay per view. Then it’s talk with TNA, and how they desperately need an Edit button.

After the break, it’s WCW Mayhem 2000, a card that it’s hard to believe wasn’t booked by Vince Russo. We talk the second in the Mancow-Hart matches we’ve reviewed, Stevie Ray on commentary, Glacier in 2000, Booker T’s stupidity as a babyface, and more.

We name our MVPs and LVPs, and then reveal which show we’re discussing next week, the 1994 Super J-Cup.