Off the Top Rope Episode 37: Great American Bash 1991

In this episode, we talk about Raw, how much fresher six-man tags have been lately but also how they might get a little lost in the shuffle. We talk about Big E. Langston looking like a star, Citizen Kane, and main event segments that just go on FOREVER. We also talk about if Daniel Bryan’s the reason YES is so over or if YES is the reason Daniel Bryan’s so over.

From there, we talk about TNA perhaps intentionally sabotaging itself and a great main event match on Impact, as well as the AJ Styles angle and what the future holds.

After the break, it’s Scaffold Matches, Cage Matches in a Tiny Cage, lots of details for Saturday’s Fantasy Draft, and much more, as We Want Flair, because it’s Great American Bash ’91.

We name our MVPs and LVPs and next week, we’re going into the Extreme Elimination Chamber, as it’s ECW December to Dismember, but don’t forget about this weekend’s draft!